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shockwavelgShockwave (Calendar Men – Mr. May)

D. L. Jackson

Decadent Publishing Company, LLC.

Contemporary Romance

Purchase:  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00JYJVKUM/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B00JYJVKUM&linkCode=as2&tag=romancejunk0b-20&linkId=CB62IDUK7SXQ7KCI

In the military, Tanner North learned to disarm bombs.  He blames himself for his last mission where a young mother lost her life.  He is haunted by that one day where he replayed it out in his head he questions himself if he made the right decision.

Lannie Sawyer was a War Reporter.  She was there the day that Tanner North had to make a difficult decision.  Through her camera, she captured the fiery explosion as Tanner ran with the young mother’s child.  Her news article turned Tanner in an instant overnight hero.

When Lannie finds herself in need of a lucrative career to help fund her grandmother’s nursing home stay, she seeks out Leo Russo.   The only way Leo will employ Lannie is if she convinces Tanner North to be a part of his Widows and Orphans calendar shoot he is planning.

Lannie knows that Tanner blames her for his unwanted fame.  How she is going to convince him to help her will test all of her skills of persuasion.  Will she succeed in even coming close enough to him to allow her the opportunity to make her plea?

SHOCKWAVE has all the elements that would make it an excellent romance.  Although I found myself struggling with how the book jumped from one scene to another.  I feel if the author had stayed in the present moment this would had been a much better story.  The action at the end of the book was its biggest saving grace. It was written with nail biting suspense that had me holding my breath.

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thankfullgThankful for You (Calendar Men – Mr. November)

Cindy Spencer Pape

Decadent Publishing Company

Contemporary Romance

Purchase:  http://www.romancejunkiesreviews.com/artman/publish/contemporary/Thankful-for-You.shtml

A grenade ended Sig Nicki’s military career, and returned him back to his Michigan hometown to rebuild his life.  When he is asked to be a part of a calendar to benefit the Widows and Orphans fund he agrees.  He never expected the reaction the town would have to his picture, overnight he has become the town’s local hero.

Elsie Jordan is the owner of the town’s pet shop.  Sig is a regular customer, who visits her shop each week.  With every visit he asks her out for dinner, and each time she refuses and reminds him that she doesn’t date.  Her rejection to his offer has nothing to do with the scars he received from his injury, instead it stems from a tragic past she has tried to put behind her.

When Sig’s fame lands him as the town’s Grand Marshall at the parade, he knows he doesn’t want to attend the event solo.  He makes a plea to Elsie to help him out of his dilemma.  She agrees to go with him as friends only, but as the night comes to a close will their friendship be taken to a higher level of attraction?

THANKFUL FOR YOU is an EXCEPTIONAL romance!  I was so impressed with Cindy Spencer Pape’s writing style.  Sig and Elsie are both wounded in their own way; together they find the healing bond each one of them needs to be whole.  The chemistry these two exhibited skyrockets romance to new heights.  THANKFUL FOR YOU is a part of the CALENDAR MEN series.  It can easily be read as a standalone novel.

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snowlg_2Snow Angels (Calendar Men – Mr. December)

Sabrina York

Decadent Publishing Company

Contemporary Romance

Purchase:  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00NF6LWZS/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B00NF6LWZS&linkCode=as2&tag=romancejunk0b-20&linkId=FIZ67F4C2F3T

Ever since Wade Masters had agreed to be photographed for a calendar to benefit the Widow and Orphans fund,  his life hasn’t been the same.  His photo made him an overnight success.  Now he finds himself stalked by women everywhere he goes.

He decides to get away from it all by spending a month long getaway in his sister’s cabin.  He hopes that by the time the month is over, and his Mr. December status is through, his life will get back to normal.  He never anticipated that a knock at his door would deliver Lyssa Salk.  Lyssa is unlike any woman he has ever met.  When she says that her car slid off the road, he knows by the threatening weather she will be his houseguest for however  long it takes for the snow to melt.

Unbeknownst to Wade and Lyssa, Wade’s sister put both of them at the cabin at the same time on purpose.  She hopes being snowed in together will allow the two to get a chance to find one another in getting to know each other.

When Wade learns that Lyssa is able to communicate with the dead, and has a message for him from his deceased fiancée, will Wade put enough faith in her skills to allow her to receive the message from the beyond?

SNOW ANGELS is an exceptional romance.  The paranormal elements that are entwined into the story line makes for one unique reading experience.  This is one book that allowed time to get away from me; once I started there was no way I could look up until I was completely finished.

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fallinglg_1Falling for Her Navy Seal Again (Calendar Men – Mr. October)

Clarissa Yip

Decadent Publishing Company, LLC.

Contemporary Romance

Purchase:  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00NZI0J00/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B00NZI0J00&linkCode=as2&tag=romancejunk0b-20&linkId=M3GTZAI57PZ3YPXX

On his last mission Navy Seal Matt Hunt is injured; he makes the decision to return to his hometown to recuperate.  He finds that much has changed while he was away.  His best friend’s sister Jenesi Coleman has moved on with her life and is now dating.

When Jenesi learns that Matt is back, she can’t help her heart from doing a backflip.  The two of them have always shared an intense chemistry.  She knows that if she allows him back into her life, it will only end in heartache, for Matt’s first love is his career in the Navy.

When Matt sees Jenesi he wants to claim her as his, the thought of parting from her does not sound appealing.  The day arrives when he receives his report to duty papers; will he be able to turn his back on Jenesi once again to serve his country?

FALLING FOR HER NAVY SEAL is a wonderful true to form romance.  Matt and Jenesi share a bound that sizzles.  Their story is another provides another Hallmark moment in the Calendar Men series.  This is the first book I have discovered by Clarissa Yip, but it is evident this author knows how to offer her readers the best type of reading experience.

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vixenlgThe Vixen and the Vet

Kathy Regnery

Amazon Digital Services

Contemporary Romance

Purchase:  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00L19SVQ4/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B00L19SVQ4&linkCode=as2&tag=romancejunk0b-20&linkId=SOXXMFKMAHN4XNO3

In Afghanistan, Asher Lee was injured by an Improvised explosive device (IED). The right side of his face suffered extensive damage, and he lost his right arm and now walks with a limp.  He returned to his hometown to hide away from the world.

Savannah Carmichael was once a successful Journalist who worked for a prestigious New York newspaper.  She lost her position when she trusted in the wrong person; now she is trying to revive her career.  When an offer comes to her from the Phoenix Sun, she knows she will do anything to land this position.

Savannah editor requests she do a human interest story.  She sets her subject on the towns forgotten Veteran, Asher Lee.  She puts all of her Southern Charm in convincing Asher to allow her to interview him.

At first Asher is reluctant to agree to expose himself to the public eye, but he cannot seem to forget the beauty Savannah possesses.  He sees the connection to Savannah as the first outside connection he has allowed near him since his injury.

When Savannah receives Asher’s call to tell her he accepts her offer she is thrilled.  As the days go by she learns there is more to Asher Lee than meets the eye.  Beneath the war torn exterior he projects, there is a man starved for human attention.

Savannah brings a light to Asher’s dark world.  Her presence has him wishing for things he never dreamed possible.  With her acceptance, will he find that he is willing to see what the world has to offer?

THE VIXEN AND THE VET is an outstanding romance!  I cannot begin to tell you how impressed I was with Asher and Savannah.  This tale is a beautiful Beauty and the Beast theme that is assured to touch ones heart.  I highly recommend any book that Kathy Regnery writes for she has the unique writing style that instantaneous captures her reader’s attention.

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AllForYouLGAll For You – Coming Home, Book 4

Jessica Scott


Purchase: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1455553778/ref=as_li_tl?e=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=1455553778&linkCode=as2&tag=romancejunk0b-20

Sergeant Reza Iaconnelli’s life revolves around his career in the Army. He has been deployed six times, each mission feels as though this is his life purpose. As a tribute to the men he lost in battle, each one holds a sacred place tattooed on his body in remembrance to their sacrifice.

Psychologist Captain Emily Lindbergh’s career in the Army has been very rewarding. She feels that her skills have made a difference in many war weary men’s lives. When she meets Reza he is in search of one of his solders that he thinks is hiding in her clinic. She does not let his large size intimidate her; she is tougher than she looks.

Emily sees through Reza’s tough exterior, and finds a man who is in need of saving. Will she be able to battle down the walls that surround his heart to show him that there is more than life than his career?

Jessica Scott’s COMING HOME series is one unforgettable military romance. With each new book, you can’t help but find yourself falling more in love with her beloved characters. Don’t let the fact there are over five books in this series, for Ms. Scott writing talent allows you to pick up any one of the series and be able to dive in and experience the magic each one radiates. ALL FOR YOU is no exception, how Emily is able to show Reza there is more to life than his career is very touching. I highly recommend any title by Jessica Scott for on my list she is an automatic buy.

Listed below are the titles in the COMING HOME series:

  • I’ll Be Home For Christmas (Coming Home)
  • Because of You (Coming Home Book 1)
  • Anything For You: A Coming Home Short Story (Coming Home 1.5)
  • Until There Was You (Coming Home Book 2)
  • Back to You (Coming Home Book 3)
  • All for You (Coming Home Book 4)
  • It’s Always Been You (Coming Home Book 5)
  • All I Want For Christmas Is You: A Coming Home Novella (Coming Home 5.5)

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healinglg_1Healing Gabriel

Elizabeth Kelly

Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Purchase:  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00HRGN8ZY/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B00HRGN8ZY&linkCode=as2&tag=romancejunk0b-20

At the age of fifteen, Gabriel “Gabe” Dern was involved in a car accident that killed his friends, and left over half of his body scarred.  Left with guilt and wishing to avoid the stares from uncaring people, he retreated to his family farm to raise sheep.

When Morgan Wilson’s mother died, she made the decision to move to a small town of Martinvale to start a new life.  She didn’t anticipate how hard it would be to find adequate housing in the town.  She learns from one of her students mothers that there is a carriage house for rent.  Wanting to escape the hotel she is staying in she goes to see the property.

The house is everything Morgan has been searching for, but she didn’t count on the attitude of her landlord Gabe Dern.  He makes no secret that he doesn’t wish for Morgan to move into the house.  His sister has other ideas, and insists that she has rented the home to her.

Gabe is surprised that Morgan doesn’t show any repulsion for his scars.  Instead, she treats him as there is nothing different about him.  Will the beauty be able to battle down the walls the beast has surrounded him with; and be able to show him that the beauty of love exists for his taking?

Elizabeth Kelly has written a superb Beauty and the Beast theme romance.  It is a heartwarming experience to watch how Morgan turns a blind eye to Gabe’s scars.  This romance is one that is assured to touch your heart, and stay with you long after the last page is turned.

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