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blindcupidThe Blind Cupid (Blind Cupid Series Book 1) 

Karyn Gerrard

Decadent Publishing Company, LLC 

Purchase:  http://www.amazon.com/The-Blind-Cupid-Series-Book-ebook/dp/B00ANEKKOE

At the young age of ten, Desmond Glover found himself an orphan and was cast out into the streets to fend for himself.  He was found by a man who introduced him to prostitution.  He forced him to sell his body in order to survive.

Years later, Desmond found a kinder mistress who owned The Blind Cupid.  She recognized that as handsome as Desmond’s was she could make a fortune off of  him servicing spinsters.  She took the upmost care in training him in the art of seduction.

Over the years, Desmond has learned to distance himself from what he does to earn money.  He sees each client as a faceless person that requires his sexual talents.  He blocks each one of them out of his memory after his work is completed.

When Anne Sommers learns her friend hired a paid escort to give her one night of pleasure she decides she also wants to experience being loved in someone’s arms, even if it requires her to pay him for his service.  She knows it is unlikely with her age she will ever find someone willing to accept her for the woman that she has grown into.

When Desmond arrives, he is puzzled at his instant feelings for Anne.  Never in his career has he allowed himself to have any emotions about his clients.  He can see that Anne is different than his usual clients.  When he allows himself to kiss Anne, he knows that he cannot live without her.

Alas, when the time comes that Desmond must leave will he be able to turn his back on the feelings he found with Anne?  Can he forget the tenderness and acceptance he found in her arms to return to a life when emotions are not allowed?

THE BLIND CUPID is an exceptional historical romance.  The characters fly off the page and find a place deep into your heart.  The emotions each one exhibit is superior.  THE BLIND CUPID is a wonderful series.  Each one of the books can be read out of order, but it helps to start with the first book to get the full impact of all the struggles that occurred that brought them to THE BLIND CUPID.

{Romance Junkies}

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lilylgLily in Chains (1Night Stand BDSM Series)

Kate Richards

Decadent Publishing Company, LLC 

Purchase: http://www.amazon.com/Lily-Chains-1Night-Stand-Richards-ebook/dp/B00SIH3SHE

Two years ago, Barry felt that he had found the perfect sub in Lily.  He was convinced she was the “one” that he offered to take their BDSM relationship to a new higher level.  Barry’s offer frightened Lily, when her mother became sick she ran away to care for her.

An unknown beneficiary seeks out Barry through a lawyer.  The unknown person wants to fund Barry to start a BDSM Carnivore Club in Las Vegas.  Barry knows that it is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and makes the decision to resign from his job in the police force and start a new life in Las Vegas.

Lily never forgot what she and Barry shared.  With the death of her mother, she uses her money to set up a 1Night Stand with Madame Eve.  She hopes the encounter with the nameless Dom will give her the courage she needs to return to Barry’s arms.

What Lily didn’t anticipate is that the Dom Madam Eve sets her up with is none other than Barry.  Will their reunion be one with explosive results?  Or will Barry reject her coming back into his life?

LILY IN CHAINS is an exceptional BDSM romance.  Through Kate Richards’s talented pen, she is able to provide one sizzling romance.  Fans of BDSM will not be able to resist Lily and Barry as their reunion singes the pages.

{Romance Junkies}

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