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AllForYouLGAll For You – Coming Home, Book 4

Jessica Scott


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Sergeant Reza Iaconnelli’s life revolves around his career in the Army. He has been deployed six times, each mission feels as though this is his life purpose. As a tribute to the men he lost in battle, each one holds a sacred place tattooed on his body in remembrance to their sacrifice.

Psychologist Captain Emily Lindbergh’s career in the Army has been very rewarding. She feels that her skills have made a difference in many war weary men’s lives. When she meets Reza he is in search of one of his solders that he thinks is hiding in her clinic. She does not let his large size intimidate her; she is tougher than she looks.

Emily sees through Reza’s tough exterior, and finds a man who is in need of saving. Will she be able to battle down the walls that surround his heart to show him that there is more than life than his career?

Jessica Scott’s COMING HOME series is one unforgettable military romance. With each new book, you can’t help but find yourself falling more in love with her beloved characters. Don’t let the fact there are over five books in this series, for Ms. Scott writing talent allows you to pick up any one of the series and be able to dive in and experience the magic each one radiates. ALL FOR YOU is no exception, how Emily is able to show Reza there is more to life than his career is very touching. I highly recommend any title by Jessica Scott for on my list she is an automatic buy.

Listed below are the titles in the COMING HOME series:

  • I’ll Be Home For Christmas (Coming Home)
  • Because of You (Coming Home Book 1)
  • Anything For You: A Coming Home Short Story (Coming Home 1.5)
  • Until There Was You (Coming Home Book 2)
  • Back to You (Coming Home Book 3)
  • All for You (Coming Home Book 4)
  • It’s Always Been You (Coming Home Book 5)
  • All I Want For Christmas Is You: A Coming Home Novella (Coming Home 5.5)

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healinglg_1Healing Gabriel

Elizabeth Kelly

Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Purchase:  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00HRGN8ZY/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B00HRGN8ZY&linkCode=as2&tag=romancejunk0b-20

At the age of fifteen, Gabriel “Gabe” Dern was involved in a car accident that killed his friends, and left over half of his body scarred.  Left with guilt and wishing to avoid the stares from uncaring people, he retreated to his family farm to raise sheep.

When Morgan Wilson’s mother died, she made the decision to move to a small town of Martinvale to start a new life.  She didn’t anticipate how hard it would be to find adequate housing in the town.  She learns from one of her students mothers that there is a carriage house for rent.  Wanting to escape the hotel she is staying in she goes to see the property.

The house is everything Morgan has been searching for, but she didn’t count on the attitude of her landlord Gabe Dern.  He makes no secret that he doesn’t wish for Morgan to move into the house.  His sister has other ideas, and insists that she has rented the home to her.

Gabe is surprised that Morgan doesn’t show any repulsion for his scars.  Instead, she treats him as there is nothing different about him.  Will the beauty be able to battle down the walls the beast has surrounded him with; and be able to show him that the beauty of love exists for his taking?

Elizabeth Kelly has written a superb Beauty and the Beast theme romance.  It is a heartwarming experience to watch how Morgan turns a blind eye to Gabe’s scars.  This romance is one that is assured to touch your heart, and stay with you long after the last page is turned.

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Broken_lgBroken (Redemption #1)

Lauren Layne

Flirt – Random House LLC

Purchase:  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00IWTSKBW/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B00IWTSKBW

Olivia Middleton makes the decision to leave her glitzy New York City life to go help out an injured war veteran in a quiet town in Maine.  She hopes the change in scenery will allow her to put the skeletons in her closet behind her and have a chance to rebuild her shattered world.

Olivia’s client, Paul Langdon,  is not the frail older man she anticipated; instead he is a man close to her own age.  Paul has made it a point to run all his care takers off.  He knows his father is only hiring them to relieve his conscious on how he cannot reach his son.

Paul’s father orders him to not interfere with Olivia’s care tactics.  He has set a stipulation if he does not give Olivia a chance, he will cut off his allowance and force him to leave the place he calls home.  Paul knows that he is not ready to leave the safety his home provides, and knows he must do whatever it takes to welcome Olivia.

Olivia is not put off by Paul’s negative attitude towards her or the scars that mar his face.  She sees him as someone who has suffered the worst the world has to offer and now is faced with the decision on how to move forward with his life.

Paul sees Olivia as the perfect example of what his injury will prevent him from having; he knows there is no way a blonde beauty would ever be able to see past his scars and accept him into her arms.  To deter her interference in his life, he decides to mettle into her past to see what he will find.  What he reveals is a cruel fate of reality, one that he insists on being revisited.  When Olivia’s come face to face with her past, will she ever be able to forgive Paul for his betrayal?

BROKEN is jammed packed with heart wrenching scenes that will ensure to touch ever readers heart who experiences it.  I was highly impressed with Lauren Layne and how she is able to intertwine two such wounded souls.  How they discover love in each other arms is the true substance that romance books revolve around.

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Ever_Yours_lgEver Yours

Gabi Anderson

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Ivy St. Claire is set to be betrothed to a man her parents have selected.  Due to her plain looks, she figures this is the best she can hope for in her life.  A letter arrives that changes her world, it is from her mother’s former suitor.  It seems that he has left her a small inheritance, but in order to collect his leavings, he makes a strange request to deliver a portrait to Auburn Seaton, Earl of Tamberlake.  Ivy and her brother decide to take the challenge to find Auburn.

Auburn Seaton, Earl of Tamberlake had been dubbed the “Monster Earl” for he lives his life as a recluse in London.  Once he was the talk of the ton, and sought after by all the eligible ladies.  A carriage accident changed that, now each day he looks into a mirrorand relives the horror of that one night as he sees the destruction the accident left on his face.

When Ivy arrives upon Auburn’s doorstep, she is blocked by his trusted butler.  Ivy refuses to have come all this way just to be turned back at the very end.  Determined, she stands outside his door, even when a rain storm tries to deter her from her mission.

Auburn  admires Ivy’s determination to see him, reluctantly allowing her to enter hislair.  He figures once the beauty sees him up close, she will run back to wherever she came from.  When Ivy meets Auburn, she can’t help but notice that the left side of his face is covered by a mask.  Auburn is surprised that Ivy shows no repulsion when she looks at him.  Instead she seems to accept him for the person he has become.

Ivy delivers the portrait, then realizes that the picture of the handsome man is what Auburn once looked like, before his accident.  Auburn is puzzled why an old acquaintance has brought such a lovely lady to his door.

When Ivy’s carriage is detained, Auburn makes the offer to allow the party to stay at his home.  As the week passes, will Ivy be strong enough to break down the walls that are surrounding Auburn’s heart?  Will she convince him the beast he thinks has become is nothing more than a fairy tale character?

EVER YOURS is a beautifully constructed “Beauty and the Beast” theme.  I was so impressed with the characters of Ivy and Auburn.  How Ivy convinces that she only sees beauty when she looks into Auburn’s face is so heartwarming. Within the first few chapters of this book, I knew that I was positively in love with the story.  Gabi Anderson, stand up and take a bow, you have took a unique spin on a beloved fairytale romance and turned it into a thing that shines is own special beauty.

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