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irreparablelgIrreparable (Wounded Souls Book 1)

Amanda Lanclos

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Contemporary Romance

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Private First Class Jameson Carter served his country as a Marine.  He and four of hisMarine brothers served their country to ensure freedom was kept intact.  One day, a split second decision cost them more than they ever could ever anticipate.  In a blink of an eye, Jameson watched powerless as his friends were blown away.  He barely escapedwith his own life, but unfortunately both his legs had to be amputated.

Jameson returns home to the comfort of his fiancées arms.  Instead of the healing touch of love, he found that she had grown distant to him now that his body image had changed.  Through a letter he learns that she has given up on their love.

Samantha “Sam” Blalock is assigned to be Jameson’s Physical Therapist.  The two had known each other since high school.  Sam refused to let Jameson sink into the black hole of no return.  She bullied him to snap out of the dark depression that isthreatens to consume him.  She refuses to stand by and allow self-pity destroy such a wonderful man.

Will Sam be strong enough to convince Jameson that his life is worth living?  Will she be able to show him that even with his disability she still finds him as attractive as he was in high school?

A wealth of emotions will be experienced as you are reading IRREPARABLE.  Jameson and Samantha have seen the worst the world has to offer and now find themselves back in each other’s arms.  As they put their past to rest, you cannot help but shed a tear as you learn of the horrors each one has suffered.  I was impressed to learn that this is the first book that Amanda Lanclos has written.  With the writing style that she has shown in this first book, I predict this is an author is a name that will soon make the best seller list.

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