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making_faces_largeMaking Faces

Amy Harmon

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Contemporary Romance

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Since she was thirteen, Fern Taylor had been secretly in love with Ambrose Young.  Ambrose was the image of perfection; he possessed the beauty that only Fern could find in her romance novels.  Fern knew that Ambrose was out of her league, for she was the complete opposite of what he searched for in a girlfriend. 

Ambrose won a wrestling scholarship to Penn State, but he felt that he needed to serve his country by enlisting in the Army.  He talked four of his closest friends into following his footsteps.  The horrors that they experienced in Iraq changed each of them.  Within months of being able to return home to their families, an IED ripped through the Humvees they were traveling in; Ambrose’s friends were killed and he suffered disfiguring scars to his face. 

Returning back to his hometown, Ambrose felt as if he had let the town down.  He blamed himself for his friend’s deaths, and questioned why he had survived the fiery attack.  He refused to allow anyone to see the devastation the war had inflicted on his face.

When Fern learns that Ambrose is back in townher heart goes out to all that he has lost.  She is determined to find a way to break through the walls he has built around him.  Will she be able to convince the wounded warrior that she can see past his scars, and still see him as the handsome man of her childhood years?

MAKING FACES is one outstanding novel!  I was so captivated by this Beauty and Beast tale where the roles are reversed in the characters.  It was ingenious how Ms. Harmon provided the reader enough background scenes that allowed us to feel how much Ambrose had actually lost.  Fern is a romance heroine that is worthy of the highest praise.  Mere words cannot express the perfection I found in this book!

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love_is_blind_largeLove is Blind

Claudia Lakestone

Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Contemporary Romance

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At nineteen, Michelle never dreamed that she would be spending her summer serving community service at a local hospital.  She was counting down the hours until it would end and it would be time for her to register for college.

A year ago, Chris was blinded in a car accident.  He was in the hospital undergoing another procedure that he hoped would restore his sight.  One afternoon when his dinner tray was brought he started a conversation with his “nurse”.

Michelle wasn’t aware the patient she had brought his tray to was awake.  With the bandages that covered his eyes, it was difficult to distinguish if he was awake or asleep.  His quick wit and humor had her quickly warming up to him.  Usually, she was shy around strangers, for they judged her by her appearance; on her face she had a distinguished birthmark.

Chris and Michelle became friends, and the two of them looked forward to spending time with each other after Michelle’s shift ended.   When the day came when Michelle found Chris’s room empty, she learned that he had been discharged.  With a sense of loss she feared they would never see each other again.  When a nurse gives her a note he had left for her she finds his phone number.

Michelle questions if Chris and her can have a relationship.  Will she be brave enough to give him a call to see if their feelings extend outside the confines of the hospital?  Will she risk the possibility that her fairy tale romance will come to an end if Chris were ever to get his sight back?

LOVE IS BLIND is an exceptional, emotional, escapade of the perfect romance.  Michelle and Chris are two wounded souls who have experienced the worse that life has to offer.  It is only when they find one another they gain a sense of healing in each other arms.  Ms. Lakestone did an outstanding job in creating characters who have the ability to jump off the pages and land straight into your heart.

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Evangeline Anderson

Ellora’s Cave

Contemporary Romance

Purchase:  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0031Y9CPG/ref=as_li_tf_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B0031Y9CPG

Chloe and Zoe are identical twins; but that is where there similarities ended for each was as different as night and day.  Zoe lives her life in the fast lane, working as an investment banker; Chloe life consists of a quiet existence working as a first grade school teacher.

When an injury prevents Zoe from meeting with one of her “clients” she asks Chloe to step in and pose as her.  Then Zoe explains that her job as an investment banker is a rouse, for she makes her money working as a dominatrix.

Chloe reluctantly agrees to stand in for her sister; she questions if she will strong enough to be a stand in dominatrix.  When the time arrives for her to meet with Mark Jacobs she finds that he isn’t the submissive man she had pictured.  Instead, Mark is a true alpha male who quickly takes control of the situation.  

Zoe finds with both of them masked, a sensual side she never knew existed comes to the surface.  Mark brings her body to unspeakable heights she never knew she possessed.  Chloe wants to know more about the man behind the mask, when she asks him to take it off and reveal his face will what she finds change her feelings toward him?

MASKS is a sensual divulge into the word of erotic fantasy.  Evangeline Anderson has done an exceptional job in creating these outstanding characters.  I was highly impressed with how she weaved a Beauty and Beast theme so easily into the storyline. 

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Community_Service_largeCommunity Service

Dakota Madison

Short on Time Books

Contemporary Romance

Purchase:  http://www.amazon.com/Community-Service-Dakota-Madison-ebook/dp/B00GOKZBJK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1385642658&sr=8-1&keywords=community+service

It is Maggie Mitchell’s final semester of college, she felt fortunate to have been selected to receive a research internship in the Paleolimnology lab.  She and one other person had been the lucky recipients of this sought after research opportunity.

Upon arriving early to the lab, Maggie encounters Sawyer Reed, and learns he was the second recipient of the internship.  The two of them had gone to high school together.  Sawyer was always the high school star whereas Maggie was an unpopular wallflower. 

When Sawyer makes the suggestion they become lab partners, Maggie questions why he is trying to be nice to her when they never were friends in high school.  Of course, a lot of things have changed for both of them since their high school days.  Maggie has replaced her thick glasses with contacts, and now takes more pride in her appearance.  Sawyer now resides in a wheelchair due to a skiing accident.

On her second day to class, Maggie accidentally rear ends a police cruiser.  She is sentenced to serve one hundred  hours of community service at a local theater.  There she meets actor Jude Marion; it is evident with his confident attitude and radiating sex appeal he has no trouble finding willing women to meet his needs. 

Maggie finds herself falling under Jude’s spell of seduction.  The way he looks at her with intense interest has her heart beating out of control.  When Maggie learns that Sawyer and Jude were once friends, she finds that information further complicates the situation.

Maggie knows she must choose between the two men.  Which one will win her heart?

COMMUNITY SERVICE is an exceptional young adult romance!  I was highly impressed with how Dakota Madison was able to create a story where the heroine is torn between choosing between the love of two men.  In looking at Jude, it was like the reader was seeing a before accident picture of Sawyer.  It was evident the two was obviously close, since they had grown up together.  Maggie ugly duckling/swan transformation adds an element of magic to the story.  COMMUNITY SERVICE has all the ingredients to make it an unforgettable reading experience.  This reviewer/reader heart has been captured by the wonderful tale she found in this wonderful romance!

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Scarred by Faith Price


Faith Price

Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Contemporary Romance

Purchase:  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00FYJEFWQ/ref=as_li_tf_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B00FYJEFWQ

He rescued her from the depths of hell . . .

Serene’s life was a living nightmare; her father had sold her to a man who demanded she sell her body.  The only comfort she received was when she got lost in one of her travel books; she imagined that she could visit one of these far off lands and live a life of comfort and solitude, far away from the horrors of her own lifestyle.

She provided the serenity he needed for his battled scarred soul . .

Lawson cannot resist rescuing Serena from her keeper.  There is something he sees in her haunted eyes that calls out to him.  He purchases her for a year; his plans are to show her there is life worth living from the desolate existence she is used to living. 

Although Lawson hides behind a mask, Serene sees him as a man so worthy of love.  His gentle care of her well-being has her quickly falling in love with him.  Can she convince him that he is worthy of receiving love and acceptance?  Or will he push her away from him once the year has ended?

SCARRED depicts a dramatic edgy romance where two wounded souls finds comfort in each others arms.  Ms. Price does an excellent job in keeping the reader guessing of all the past horror Lawson has suffered.  This Beauty and the Beast tale offer a gritty look into the dark world of finding love and acceptance.

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The_Single_Mom_and_the_Tycoon_largeThe Single Mom and the Tycoon

Caroline Anderson

Harlequin Romance

Contemporary Romance

Purchase:  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001GFKIR8/ref=as_li_tf_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B001GFKIR8

It has been three years since David Cauldwell had visited his family.  When he receives the news that his father is to be getting married, he knows that he cannot hide from them any longer.  Needing his distance and space, he makes the decision to stay at an area boarding house owned by Molly Blythe.

Molly was widowed and left to raise her son by herself.   When David arrives upon on her doorstep, she knows that she could use the money by his extended stay.  As the two live in close proximity, Molly begins to see David in a whole new light. 

There is a secret that David is hiding from his family, one that has kept him away from them so long.  Will he be brave enough to reveal the true cause of his long distance relationship?  How will they accept the news that literally changed his life?

THE SINGLE MOM AND TYCOON is an outstanding romance.  David and Molly make the perfect loving couple.  When the time comes for David to return back to his homeland, you can almost feel the devastating of loss Molly experienced.  With descriptive passages, heartfelt scenes, and a romance that will leave you wanting for more THE SINGLE MOM AND TYCOON make for an all-time top romance!

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