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treelgThe Wishing Tree

Cheryl Pierson

Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

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Pete Cochran is a war weary veteran who suffered both physically and mentally from the time he was in the service.  Having lost an eye, he wears an eye patch.  He wants to avoid the stares of people by living his life as a loner.  He spends his days working at his father’s Christmas tree lot.

Maria Sanchez wants to give her son an unforgettable Christmas.  Unfortunately, with her small salary she doubts that she will be able to offer him a memorable Christmas.  She makes him a promise that they will have a decent Christmas tree.  At the Christmas tree lot, she meets Pete Cochran.  In his eye, she sees a man so deserving of love and acceptance; she finds herself attracted to the wounded war hero.

Pete is overjoyed that neither she nor her son is put off by his appearance.  Whenthe two accept him with open arms he feels the world has given him an early Christmas present.  When Maria invites Pete over for dinner, he readily accepts.  What he didn’t anticipate was their wonderful evening being disrupted by Maria’s crazed drugged out brother demanding Maria provide him money.  Pete immediately comes to Maria’s aid, for there is no way he will allow anyone to destroy his new found love.

Christmas is a magical time when miracles occur . . . will one special tree, two wounded souls, and one boy’s wishes will it be enough to have the perfect Christmas?

THE WISHING TREE has all the elements that would easily make for any award winning novel.  Unfortunately, I felt the author ended the book far too soon.  There were so many avenues that were not addressed.  For instance, she could expand upon another interference with Maria’s brother, and include a section devoted to how Maria and Pete dealt with living under the same roof.  She projected Pete as a wounded war hero, but the readers never learned how he was injured.  These are just a few examples of how the author can better revisit rewriting this book to satisfy her reader. I hope she will take my suggestions to heart, but I truly believe this book has a wonderful story that demands to be revisited.

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bodyguardlg_1The Bodyguard – The Pleasure Club

Neila Carlyle

Cobblestone Press

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Chelsea Nelson wanted to live out her fantasy dream; it revolves around being a world famous singer, who was being stalked.  To help protect her, she would require the services of a bodyguard.  To turn her fantasy into a reality, she enlists the aid of The Pleasure Club.  The Pleasure Club is an elite member’s only group that specializes in offering their clients their ultimate fulfillment of their wishes.

Dean Peterson is the “bodyguard” who is assigned to protect Chelsea.  Chelsea is rebellious in having her life in someone else’s hands.  When she tries to escape Dean, she endangers both of their lives.  As punishment, Dean’s BDSM side comes to light and he teaches Chelsea the consequences of disobeying a master.

Will the master be able to convince his submissive that he is the one who is complete control of her body?

THE BODYGUARD is an excellent addition to THE PLEASURE CLUB series.  This reviewer has an addiction for THE PLEASURE CLUB series, with this new offering I am pleased to say that this newest title is worthy enough to stand with the other wonderful titles in this series.

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unmaskinglgUnmasking the Knight

Terri Lyndie

Amazon Digital Publishing




At the young age of sixteen, Ranulf and Gisella had lived a carefree existence.  They enjoyed spending their time together exploring the forest and swimming in their secret secluded location.  At that young age, Ranulf was assured that he could never love any other woman as he did Gisella.

When the king’s army came Ranulf was torn away from Gisella and forced to fight in Viking attacks.  Gisella was heartbroken when Ranulf failed to meet her at their secluded swimming location.  She feared that something tragic had occurred to him.

Five years passed, and Gisella heart still called out to finding Ranulf.  When a Druid priest insists she find a husband she knows that it will be impossible with the feelings she still holds in her heart for Ranulf.  She knows if she refuses to select a mate that he will step in and do the matchmaking himself.

Unknown to Gisella, Ranulf returns to him homeland.  Gone is the boy of sixteen, and in his place is a scarred, battle weary warrior.  Ranulf hides his disfigured face from the world by wearing a mask.  He knows that he can’t return to Gisella for she deserves more than his scarred image can provide her.

When Ranulf learns that Gisella is seeking a mate, his heart breaks with that knowledge.  Will he be able to keep his presence hidden from the love of his life, and give her an opportunity to offer her a chance to find a mate worthy of her love?

UNMASKING THE KNIGHT is Terri Lindies’ debut novel.  It is one that shows that Ms. Lyndie possesses exceptional writing talent.  The romance world is happy to welcome her with open arms, for she has provided a story that rivets all the heartfelt emotions that true blue romance fans crave.  I look forward to discovering more of Ms. Lindies’ future works; I have a feeling she will quickly make a name for herself in the romance world!

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