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wifesmThe Wife He’s Been Waiting For

Dianne Drake


Harlequin Medical Romance

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After the death of her husband and a failed engagement, Dr. Sarah Collins walked away from her medical career to travel the world.  She finds herself on a cruise ship, but minutes from the ship embarking she experiences an anxiety attack.  All that she can think of is that she must get off of the ship.  She rushes out of her cabin and into an elevator.  The close confines of the elevator get the best of her and she faints in the strong arms of the ship’s doctor, Dr. Michael Sloan.

Dr. Michael Sloan was once a brilliant surgeon.  His career ended when he stepped on a landmine.  His fiancée ended their relationship when she couldn’t come to terms with his disability.  Not knowing which direction his life should take, he makes the decision to work on a cruise ship as a doctor.

Upon first meeting Sarah, Michael is attracted to her beauty.  He recognizes the hurt in Sarah’s eyes.  He knows that she is running away from something in her past.  Can two doctors provide the healing balm needed to restore their faith in themselves and each other?  Will they be able to leave the haunting memories of their past behind to discover a love worth fighting for?

THE WIFE HE’S BEEN WAITING FOR is a wonderfully constructed emotional rollercoaster ride.  Both Michael and Sarah has experienced the worst life has to offer.  They are trying to rebuild their lives and in their journey they find one another.  Love doesn’t come easy for these two wounded souls; they must both come to terms with their past before they are allowed to see what the future holds.  Having been on several cruises, I found myself imagining that such a man exists like Dr. Sloan.  To say that he made an impact on this reader is an understatement.

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Accidental Romance – The Challenge Series

Author: Jessica E. Subject

Publisher: Decadent Publishing Company, LLC

Purchase:  https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-accidentalromance-1043027-149.html?referrer=romjunkies


Leanne Declan had recently graduated from college.  At twenty-two she dreams to take over the management of her father’s farm.  Jake is one of her father’s farm hands.  Together they work the farm on a daily basis.

Jake lives to aggravate Leanne, he is always is teasing her unmercifully.  When Leanne is involved in a farm accident, she finds out later when she awakes in a hospital that it was Jake who saved her life.  She feels that losing her hand has ended her dream of having a happy life.  She feels that not many could love a woman with only one hand nor will she be able to work on the farm.

Jake refuses to allow Leanne to wallow in her own self-pity.  He pushes her to go back to work with him on the farm.  Leanne is slow at the tasks she once did without thought but getting back to the work that she loves allows her to see that her life does has purpose.

Leanne starts to notice that Jake has sex appeal she never knew existed.  Jake has always harbored feels for Leanne.  He hopes that his love will be strong enough to make her want to start living again.  Could a tragedy result in a happily ever after ending?

ACCIDENTAL ROMANCE – THE CHALLENGE SERIES is one outstanding novel.  Jake and Leanne are characters that you can easily fall in love with.  Jake strong determination to save Leanne from her own dark thoughts makes for a memorable scene.  I am so excited to see that Decadent Publishing has embarked upon a series that feature disabled characters.  For years I have hoped that a publisher would realize there is a fan base of readers who enjoy reading books with disabled characters.  I eagerly await to dive into the next book in this wonderful series.

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Blind Passion

Kelli Scott

Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc

Purchase:  https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-blindpassion-1031628-144.html?referrer=romjunkies


Nicole Adkins has quickly become obsessed with her new neighbor Salvatore Lopez.  She does not let the fact that he is blind stop her from having exotic fantasies about him.  She sets up “chance” encounters to enable her to see him up close and personal.  With her apartment directly across from him she even gives him privileged shows at night, knowing that he can’t see her wickedness.

What Nicole doesn’t count on is that Salvatore had the cornea surgery that allows him the ability to see.  His first night back in his apartment allows him to see the “show” that Nicole puts on for him.  Salvatore decides to take Nicole up on her offer to come to her apartment one night.  How will Nicole react to the fact that Salvatore can see?

Kelli Scott has done an excellent job in writing BLIND PASSION.  Her story is very realistic for I can see this easily happening in real life.  BLIND PASSION provides a sexually pleasing encounter where two people meet, have sex, and then hope for the best.  This is the first book I have read by Kelli Scott and I was very impressed with her writing style.

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