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Training The Master – Pleasure Partners Book Seven

Author: Ann Jacobs

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Purchase:  http://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-trainingthemasterpleasurepartnersbookseven-641706-144.html?referrer=romjunkies

As a child, Pak Lin was taught at an early age not to have any type of emotions.  To allow himself the opportunity to care would be setting himself up for heartache.  He studied under his father to learn to make sexbots.  Although he perfected them to provide the highest form of sexual satisfaction, like him they were void of any feelings.


Pearl enjoys the pleasures a sexbot can provide.  Her sexual appetite has often been the cause of wearing the sexbots out.  She craves a real live man to provide her the warmth that is lacking from a sexbot.  When she is mated to Pak Lin, she hopes that he will provide her the emotional outlet her soul craves.   


Pearl is disappointed when she sees that Pak Lin is as cold and distant as one of the sexbots he creates.  She vows that she will be the woman to bring life back into his emotionless soul.  Will Pak Lin be able to allow her to tear down the walls surrounding his heart to allow love the opportunity to make its way in? 


TRAINING THE MASTER is another superb offering of Ann Jacobs THE PLEASURE PARTNERS series.  The PLEASURE PARTNER SERIES has been a running favorite of this reviewer.  From book one, I have been enchanted by how she is able to link one book with the next.  For those that worry about starting a series in the middle or at the end, don’t be because each book can be read as a standalone novel.  Ann Jacobs has made me see fantasy in a whole new light.  I must admit until I discovered her I was not a fan of the fantasy gene.  Now though the discovery of THE PLEASURE PARTNERS series I find myself a true fan.  


TRAINING THE MASTER is the seventh book in the Pleasure Partners Series.  The other titles include:


  • His Pleasure Mistress – Pleasure Partners, Book One
  • Pleasure Slave – Pleasure Partners, Book Two
  • Enslaving The Master – Pleasure Partners, Book Three
  • Imperfect Partners – Pleasure Partners, Book Four
  • Perfect Master – Pleasure Partners, Book Five
  • Her Alien Master – Pleasure Partners, Book Six

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The Pleasure Club: The Wolfman

Author: Madison Layle

Publisher: Cobblestone Press

Release Date: 9/28/11

Purchase:  http://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-thewolfman-651656-144.html?referrer=romjunkies

Penelope’s innermost fantasy has always revolved around movies that feature creatures of the night.  Though the Pleasure Club she discovers a way to act out her greatest desire.  She fills out her application and asks that her dream date feature a wolf man.

Blake is a professional animal trainer. He is pleased that he is contracted to provide a Pleasure Club night with Penelope.  This opportunity will allow him to be able to combine his real life job and fantasy one together in a unique way. 

Penelope is beyond words when she sees how close to perfect The Pleasure Club has turned her fantasy into a reality.  Blake is everything her hungry soul has been craving.  As she turns her body over to his skillful hands, will he provide her a fairy tale night that she soon want forget?

THE PLEASURE CLUB:  THE WOLFMAN is a wonderful addition to the Pleasure Club series.  Madison Layle has written a book so worthy of the Pleasure Club series.  For anyone who is new to the Pleasure Club series, I highly recommend it as one of the best I have discovered.  The reader can choose to dive into the series with any book for each one offers their own standalone story.

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