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Phantom Touch

Author: Cindy Jacks

Publisher: Ellora Cave

Release Date: October 14, 2011

Purchase:  http://www.jasminejade.com/p-9623-phantom-touch.aspx

During the week Erika works at a dead end job as a data entry clerk. On the weekend, she transforms into her alter-ego Little Lottie, a singer at a local club.  Being Little Lottie allows her to let her hair down and live a carefree existence.

For months Erika has shared an online romance with a man known only to her as “Phantom”.  This man of mystery has her curiosity heightened.  She can’t wait for the day to meet him in person.

Phantom hides behind his computer to protect his real identity.  He fears if Erika were to discover who he really was she wouldn’t give him the time to prove that he is worthy of her love.   

The day arrives when Phantom reluctantly gives into Erika pleas to meet him.  He hides his identity by wearing a mask.  Will Phantom live up to Erika’s expectations as her perfect companion?  Or will her fantasy turn into her greatest nightmare? 

Being a fan of the Phantom of the Opera I was excited to find Phantom Touch by Cindy Jacks.  She puts a rather unique spin on a modern day Phantom of the Opera theme.  There are many similarities that are assured to delight true blue Phantom fans.  The only weakness I found in this book was the author using flashbacks of a time past revolving around Phantom.  At first I found these scenes distracted from the overall story, it was only until the end did I fully understand their meaning and how they played a huge part of the story.

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