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Pleasure Partners, Book 5 – Perfect Master

Author: Ann Jacobs

Publisher: Ellora Cave

Purchase:  http://www.amazon.com/Perfect-Master-ebook/dp/B005HBYPJY/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1316555851&sr=1-1

Twelve years ago, King Gawain thought he was on his deathbed.  Obsidion law called for the succession of his eldest son.  To do so, all of the Kings other children and male cousins were to be castrated.  Arik was the second son, he refused to allow his manhood be taken and fled his homeland.  A group of mercenaries was sent to find and kill Arik.  When King Gawain found out that he was not to die, he called off the search to kill Arik.  By the time his command was heard, Arik’s manhood had been spared, but the mercenaries had savagely tortured and maimed him.

Arik will not allow King Gawain to forget the day he dedicated his death sentence.  He refuses the help of Pak Song who is known to have the power to remove scars, and to restore the use of loss limbs with his bionic prosthesis.  Instead, Arik spends his days in his room, whenever he ventures out, he is swathed from head to foot in leather to spare anyone from the horror what lies beneath his covering.

King Gawain knows that with Arik being the Crown Prince, he must carry out the royal lineage by bearing sons.  With Arik’s scars, he doesn’t anticipate that anyone young maiden would come willing to his bed.  He makes a decision to request Obsidion’s matchmaker to find a suitable mate for Arik.  Her skill as a matchmaker is a success as she matches him with one of Eli the jeweler’s beautiful daughter Emerald. 

Emerald is thrilled to be selected to wed Arik.  She remembers seeing him once from a distance, and was enthralled by his handsome profile.  As she is prepared for the mating ceremony she finds herself anxious to see Arik.

As the ceremony begins, she is puzzled at why Arik is covered from head to toe in leather.  Emerald demands to see Arik unclothed; Arik fears that once she sees the monster that he has become she will want released out of their union.  Will Emerald’s love for Arik be strong enough to accept his scarred image?

PERFECT MASTER is the perfect way to break away from life’s hectic pace.  Ann Jacob’s has once again written an award winning novel.  For anyone who is worried about starting this series without reading the other four books, don’t be since each story can easily stand alone.  I highly recommend any of the Pleasure Series books or anything that Ann Jacobs writes.  This is an author who knows how to provide the upmost reading enjoyment to her reviewers.

The other titles in the series include:

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  • Imperfect Partners – Book 4 in the Pleasure Partners Series

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