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Tamed by the Dom

Author: Jan Bowles

Publisher: Siren Publishing

Release Date: June 2011

Purchase:  http://www.bookstrand.com/tamed-by-the-dom

Katrina Masters had been away from her hometown of Fairfax, Texas for seventeen years.  With her mother’s death, she returned to settle the estate.  Katrina was determined that when she made an appearance in her hometown they were not going to see the same poor girl who had left, but instead they would find a chic woman, dressed in the height of fashion, who drove a jaguar. 

Katrina wanted to ensure that the town’s people saw that a new successful Katrina had emerged.  What she kept hidden was the fact that all of  her possessions had all been purchased with money from a loan shark.  She figured that with the money she was left from her mother’s estate, it would be enough to repay the loan. 

Colt Donahue had built a BDSM club known as Club Fusion on his land in Fairfax.  The town was in an uproar that such an unholy establishment existed.  They were determined to see him shut down.  Colt doesn’t let the local sheriff scare him away into closing down his business. The venture has been a very lucrative investment.

Since high school, Katrina had a secret crush on Colt Donahue.  When she almost runs over him, she gets an up close look at the man he had become as an adult.  When Colt sees Katrina, his Dom instincts immediately go into overdrive.  He knows that he wants to make her his submissive.  When he learns that Katrina’s mother has left her penniless, he offers her a job at his club to get a better opportunity to turn his Dom fantasy into a reality.

At first Katrina refuses Colt’s job offer, but she knows she has no other means to pay her debt.  Will Colt convince Katrina to allow him to give him a personal training session in the BDSM lifestyle?

Jan Bowles has once again produced an award winning novel!  TAMED BY THE DOM is another great adventure in the BDSM world.  Jan Bowles is an author who definitely knows how to write a sizzling BDSM novel.  I highly recommend any of her books to anyone who is searching for an author who can unlock the mysteries of the BDSM world.  TAMED By THE DOM is the third book in the Guilty Pleasure series; the other titles include:

  •  In Debt to the Dom – Book one of the Guilty Pleasures Series
  • Bought for the Millionaire’s Bed – Book two of the Guilty Pleasures Series


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