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Devils on Horseback: Book 4 – Lee
Beth Williamson
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
577 Mulberry Street, Suite 1520
Macon GA 31201

Purchase:   http://www.samhainpublishing.com

Lee Blackwood had fought gallantly in the Civil War. For his country, he sacrificed his arm in the name of freedom. The war had changed him both physically and mentally. His missing arm was a constant reminder of the man he would never be again.

Genevieve Blanchard found herself newly widowed with a child and a run-down farm. She knew in order to make it through the winter, she would have to ask for assistance. Setting her pride aside, she goes into town to find someone who is willing to help her and her daughter harvest their wheat crop.

When Genevieve meets Lee she sees him as a strong handsome man. Lee is reluctant to give into his attraction to Genevieve, for he fears she will reject him because of his disability.

When Lee hears of Genevieve’s dilemma he offers his help. Genevieve has very little to offer him in payment. Will the two of them come to an agreement that will be beneficial for both of them?

Devils on Horseback: Lee – Book 4 is a superb book! Lee’s and Genevieve’s dark past is the substance that builds a true and loving foundation. To say that I immediately fell in love with this book is an understatement. After reading the first chapter, there was no way I could put this book down until I finished the last page. Although this book is part of a series, I easily was able to read it as a standalone novel. This one story captured my attention I just knew I had to read the other titles in the series. Historical romances like Devils on Horseback: Lee – Book 4 do not come along every day when we find them, know that we are receiving a very special gift. Other titles in this highly addictive series include:

Devils on Horseback: Book 1 – Nate
Devils on Horseback: Book 2 – Jake
Devils on Horseback: Book 3 – Zeke
Devils on Horseback: Book 5 – Gideon

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The Pirate Bride

Author: Temple Hogan

Publisher: Resplendence Publishing, LLC

Release Date: February 21, 2011

Purchase:  http://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-thepiratebride-514800-144.html?referrer=romjunkies

At a young age, Charity’s parents were killed by a blood thirsty pirate.  The same scoundrel taught her the way of the seas.  In order to survive, she adopted the alias “Red Charlie” and turned to a life of piracy.  With a price on her head, she rides the sea refusing to bend to any master.

While in port, Charity let her guard down for one night and took an interest in buccaneer Jackson Shaw.  The two found themselves in a hasty marriage, one which Jackson was too drunk to remember.  When Jackson demands his husband rights, Charity runs away from him.

Charity never anticipated that her “husband” would be able to track her down and capture her pirate ship.  He demands that she be his wife for a two week period.  Will Charity succumb to his demands and allow herself to be his “wife” in every way?  Or will she flee to the safety of the sea where she is the one in total control?

THE PIRATE BRIDE is another exciting addition to The Pirate Booty Series; it is third in the highly addictive series.  Fans of Temple Hogan will rejoice as she once again provides them an action packed swashbuckling romance.  Once again, Temple Hogan proves that she is the  Queen of historical romance.

 The other titles in The Pirate Booty Series include:

  •  The Virgin Pirate – Book One
  • The Pirate Lover – Book Two

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Healing in Haven Falls

Author: E.A. West

Publisher: White Rose Publishing

Release Date: February 3, 2011

Purchase:  http://www.whiterosepublishing.com/Healing-In-Haven-Falls

Keith Burke wished he was anywhere but the The Haven Falls Community Center.  He had made a promise to his pastor to get out more and do more activities since he was discharged from the military.  He had suffered the loss of sight in one of his eyes due to an explosion in Afghanistan.  He is battling from depression that goes along with such a devastating injury.

Autumn Reger had made many mistakes when it come to the men she had let into her life.  These bad encounters had her weary of all men.  She wanted to try and please her parents, by attending a function at The Haven Falls Community Center.  She knew they would be pleased that she was getting her life back together after so much heartache she had suffered.

Keith is intrigued by Autumn, when he spied her in the crowded room of the community center; she looked like he felt, like she wanted to be anywhere but there.  He gets up the courage to go and introduce himself.  He is unsure if she will accept the injuries he sustained in Afghanistan.

Autumn is cautious when Keith approaches her, but his warmth and good nature quickly melts her heart.  When he asks her to dance she doesn’t hesitate to accept.  Will God show these two lonely souls how right they are for each other?  Will they be willing to accept God’s will?  Or will their past hold them back from moving forward with the future?

HEALING IN HAVEN FALLS is one heartwarming book.  You will fall in love with Keith and Autumn, each one has battled life’s hardest situations.  You can almost feel the anguish their wounded hearts have suffered.  Books such as HEALING IN HAVEN FALLS are a rare jewel to treasure.

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Becoming the Tycoon’s Bride

Authors: Patricia Thayer and Liz Fielding

Publisher: Harlequin

Release Date: March 1, 2011

Purchase:  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0373177151?ie=UTF8&tag=romancejunk0b-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=0373177151


Hugh McCutheon worked in the family business. He had a reputation for letting nothing stand in his way to see a job completed.  When Hugh’s father assigns him to go to Oregon State to purchase a vineyard from Cullen Flanagan, Hugh see it as just another business proposition.

Hugh never expected to find have any remorse of purchasing the vineyard.  He learns that Flanagan was behind on his mortgage because his wife had become terminally ill.  Cullen’s granddaughter Ellie refuses to allow Hugh to rob her family of their vineyard. With stubborn pride, she is determined to fight to the end to ensure that her family’s legacy remains untouched.

Hugh finds himself enchanted with the beauty Ellie radiates.  With her green eyes and red hair, he finds she takes his breath away.  Will he be able to go through with his plans to cause her family such pain?  Or will he help her save her family’s vineyard?

AUTHOR WEBSITE:  http://pws.prserv.net/patricia_thayer/



Three years ago, Violet Hamilton put her life on hold when her grandmother had a stroke.  She left college, where she was studying to be a fashion designer, to return home to care for her grandmother. 

Violet’s grandmother was a descendant of royal blood.  She was a descendant of the desert princess, Fatima.  Violet was saddened when her grandmother passed away.  She feared that she would also lose the family home.  The answer to Violet’s problems occurwhen she discovers an ancient dagger.  She believes the artifact is an ancient heirloom that is worth enough to help pay the debts on her home.

News travels to the future Emir, Sheikh Fayad al Khalifa, concerning Violet finding the ancient dagger.  The dagger is rumored to be “The Blood of Tariq” which holds mystical powers.  It is said that the one that is in possession of it holds of the fate of Ras at Kawi.

Fayad knows the new owner is unaware of the danger that surrounds the dagger.  In order to protect his country, he decHi Duzieides to travel to England to seek out Violet.  He finds that he is just in time because someone broke into Violet’s home looking for the dagger.

Fayad knows that the only way to protect Violet is to take her and the dagger to his homeland palace.  Will their close quarters bring out new found feelings of love?

AUTHORS WEBSITE ADDRESS:  http://www.lizfielding.com/

You will find no better authors than Patricia Thayer and Liz Fielding.  These two talented authors’ combined produce an award winning combination.  I was highly impressed with both of their stories. Each one was a pure delight to read.  I highly recommend this book to any romance reader who wants to get the maximum benefit out of their reading pleasure.

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Love Lies Waiting

Author: Stephanie Bennett

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

Release Date: April 28, 2011

Purchase:  http://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-lovelieswaiting-546814-149.html?referrer=romjunkies

Lexi Gentry’s life changed drastically from when she last visited her hometown of Conway, Kentucky.  After high school, she moved to New York and became a famous horror novelist who now works for a top notch publishing company.  This year marks her twentieth high school reunion; her principle insisted with her now being a famous person, that she come back to her reunion and do the honor of opening a time capsule her class her remove her buried on their last day of school. 

In high school, Lexi had never fit in with her classmates; there was only one person who took the time to befriend her, Nathan McKinley.  She knew that coming back home to see her classmates would be an experience that she hoped would pass quickly.  She knew she had obligations in New York that needed her attention.

As Lexi gives out the time capsule letters that were written, she comes down to the last envelope which has Nathan McKinley’s name on it.  Her knees begin to buckle, as a man approaches her podium.  She finds that she barely recognizes Nathan.  Gone are his braces and short hair cut; it has been replaced by longer hair, a fitter physique, and an eye patch that covers his left eye.

She learns that Nathan lost the sight of his eye in an explosion in the Gulf War.  The scars that mar the left side of his face are evidence of the horror he has suffered.  She is surprised, that the short encounter with Nathan leaves her with wanting to revisit him once more.

As she stands at the airport waiting for her flight, she makes a snap decision to go back and see Nathan once more.  As she stands outside his home, she questions whether her decision is the right one, but as he opens the door she sees the shock and then the acceptance in his lone eye. 

Will Lexi and Nathan be able to revisit their past and uncover the feelings both of them thought long buried?  Or will Lexi turn her back on Nathan, and return to her glittery New York lifestyle?

LOVE LIES AWAITING is an exceptional novel.  I highly recommend it to any true blue romance reader who enjoys a heartfelt romance.  There is no way that you cannot fall in love with Lexi and Nathan.  How the author is able to create such realistic characters is a testament to her talent as an author.  I was so impressed with this book that I found myself reading it in one sitting.  After I finished, I was saddened that it had went so quickly but I know with the talent has Stephanie Bennett shown in this one book, there is no way this author cannot write another award winning novel.

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Book Two, Solomon’s Gate, Kylie’s Kiss

Author: Delia Latham

Publisher: White Rose Publishing

Release Date: April 29, 2011

Purchase:  http://www.whiterosepublishing.com/Kylie39S-Kiss

Kylie Matthews has always lived in the shadows of her mother’s and sister Shay’s beauty.  With her mother being a former beauty queen, and her sister now a famous actor, Kylie felt like she was the ugly duckling of the family.

When a friend dares Kylie to try out a new Christian dating agency called Solomon’s Gate she figures she hasn’t anything to lose.  On her way to her dating agency interview, Kylie finds she is running late and decides to push her speed; the result is a minor fender bender.  The person she hits is a handsome man, but he is irritated with her shallow excuse of why she hit him.  The two of them quickly exchange insurance information and go their separate way.

The owner of Solomon’s Gate, Destiny Gallagher, takes an immediate interest in Kylie.  Within days of their first meeting, she arranges for Kylie to have her first date.  Kylie finds that she is nervous upon meeting her blind date but she knows that this is just the first step she needs to take to find that perfect man who will offer her a kiss that will steal her breath away.

Kylie is shocked to see who her date turns out to be, as it is the same person she rear ended the day she was late for her dating agency interview, Rick Dale.  Rick turns out to be everything that Kylie has been searching for in a man.  The two of them experience an immediate attraction to one another and schedule another date. 

When Rick reveals that he has a six year old daughter, he is puzzled at Kylie’s reaction to Lea’s facial disfigurement.  Kylie has always has had a phobia when it came to seeing someone with any type of facial disfigurement.  She knows if Rick and she are ever to have a future together, she will have to get over her phobia and be able to accept Rick’s daughter with loving arms.  Kylie asks God to step in and cure her of her sickness; will He answer her prayer?

KYLIE’S KISS is an award winning novel!  It is filled with pages of tug at your heart scenes.  Rick, Kylie, and Lea are characters that have all experienced some of life’s greatest hardships.  How they overcome their obstacles and went on with their lives is heartwarming.  I highly recommend KYLIE’s KISS to anyone who appreciates an author who knows how to create characters that you are assured to fall in love with; this book touched me in ways I never knew possible.

Note:  KYLIE’S KISS is the second book in the Solomon’s Gate series.  The other titles include:

  •  DESTINY’S KISS – Book One
  •  GYPSY’S GAME – Book Three

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The Pleasure Club – The Magician

Author: Josée Renard

Publisher: Cobblestone Press

Purchase:  http://www.cobblestone-press.com/catalog/books/themagician.htm

The last time that Beth had been truly happy was on her thirteenth birthday.  Her parents had surprised her by taking her to see a magician at The Orpheum Theater.  Beth was captivated by the magician; his skillful hands had held her mesmerized.  The encounter was one that she felt surely changed her life.

Unfortunately, the next year she did not get a chance to return to see the show on her birthday, for her parents died unexpectedly.  Beth was forced to grow up fast as her world changed overnight, but she secretly held on to that one encounter of seeing a live magician in person.

As Beth grew to adulthood, she had very little use for sex.  She found that men provided a complication that was more trouble than they were worth.   From recommendations from clients, she learned of the Pleasure Club.  She decided to have her own Pleasure Club fantasy by centering it on a magician.  She hoped the encounter would bring back the magic she had been missing from her life.

David is the one who is selected to fulfill Beth’s Pleasure fantasy.  Upon seeing Beth for the first time, it is he who falls under her spell.  The two of them share an unspeakable chemistry.  Will one night be enough to satisfy them both, or will they find a love that refuses to end?

THE PLEASURE CLUB – THE MAGICIAN is an enchanting book that takes magic to a new universe.    Josée Renard is a favorite author I always enjoy experiencing.  What I found very unique about THE PLEASURE CLUB – THE MAGICIAN is the ability to learn of both Beth and David’s reaction to one another.  Usually, the main character is the only person who you are allowed to see how they react to all that unfolds in the story.  By seeing the hero’s side it provides a refreshing element to one of my favorite series.

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