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A Marine for Christmas

Author: Beth Andrews

Publisher: Harlequin

Release Date: November 9, 2010

Purchase:  http://www.eharlequin.com/storeitem.html?iid=22587

Brady Sheppard returned from Afghanistan with a shattered knee and a broken heart.  While in the service, he received a “Dear John” letter from his fiancé Liz Montgomery, breaking off their engagement.  When he was injured, Brady didn’t have anywhere to go and returned back to his hometown where all the painful memories existed.

 Brady spends most of his days in a drunken state.  Being drunk is his only way to deal with all the pain that has occurred in the past few months.  On the day his ex-fiancé was to be married, he got up the courage to crash her wedding.  He dreamed that once Liz saw him that she would call off the wedding and get back with him.

Brady wish to be reunited with Liz did not turn into a reality.  Once she saw him, she still proceeded to go through with her wedding.  Brady stood by and watched the only woman he ever loved pledge her love to someone else.

At the wedding reception, Liz asks her sister Jane to try and get Brady to leave.  Since Jane was young, she had had a secret crush on Brady.  She managed to persuade Brady to leave the reception.  She sees that he is in no shape to go home by himself and offers to drive him to his home.

Brady accepts her offer, and the two makes it to his home.  With Brady’s drunken state he is unaware that he kisses Jane; what starts out as a simple kiss turns into something more as Jane quickly gives in to his advances.  The final blow to her ego is when Brady calls out Liz’s name in the heat of passion.  She realizes that he isn’t even aware that he is making love to her, but instead thinks it is his sister.

Weeks later, Jane is shocked to learn that she is pregnant with Brady’s child.  She makes her way to his home to deliver the news.  She is stunned when he tells her that he doesn’t want anything to do with her or baby.   Will Jane be able to convince Brady to accept her and their child?  Or will he ignore them to live in the past wishing for the chance that he would be reunited with his first true love?

A MARINE FOR CHRISTMAS is presented with real characters that face everyday problems.  The realism this book offers is very refreshing.  Just about everyone in this book has suffered some element of torture and heartbreak; how they are able to overcome the obstacles to go on with their lives makes for a unique reading experience.  Readers who enjoy a book that has a dark undertone will definitely enjoy A MARINE FOR CHRISTMAS.

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Holiday Kink

Author: Eve Langlais

Publisher: Cobblestone Press

Release Date: 12/18/10

Purchase:  http://www.cobblestone-press.com/catalog/books/holidaykink.htm

Christmas has a magical way where wishes get turned into reality.  A woman finds herself in a dilemma of debating on whether she will be able to ask her husband of twenty five years to give her the perfect Christmas present that includes being introduced to the BDSM lifestyle.  She loves her husband Andrew with a fierce passion, but she fears of his reaction if she is to reveal her interest in her dark obsession.

When Christmas arrives, Andrew surprises his wife by fulfilling her innermost fantasy.  He discovers her secret wishes through a journal she has been keeping.  He makes the decision to go to a local BDSM club to learn the art of being a Dom.  Will Andrew’s efforts be everything she dreamed that BDSM could offer? 

HOLIDAY KINK is the perfect naughty way to put you in the Christmas spirit.  I was impressed with how the author was able to weave a holiday poem into the creation of HOLIDAY KINK.  The only drawback that I found with this book was she did not give the heroine a name.  To me, a name defines a character and you are able to relate with them more.

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Bella and the Merciless Sheikh

Author: Sarah Morgan

Publisher: Harlequin

Release Date: January 18, 2011

Purchase:   http://www.eharlequin.com/storeitem.html?iid=23016

After revealing a family secret at a Balfour Ball, Bella Balfour is exiled by her father to a desert spa retreat to reflect on her misdeed.  At the spa, she is stripped of all comforts that modern society has to offer, including her cell phone, laptop, and iPod.  They are replaced with sand, yoga, and herbal tea. 

After two weeks at the retreat, Bella decides to escape.  She spies a stable across the street from her prison and decides to “borrow” a horse to make her way back to the city of Al-Rafid.  She miscalculated at how far away the city was, and quickly finds herself lost in the hot sweltering desert. 

Sheikh Zafiq Al-Rashid is ruler of Al-Rashid.  He takes his responsibility of providing for his country and his family very serious.  Each year, he allows himself one week of peace and tranquility at a remote location in the desert.  As he makes his way to his secret oasis, he is shocked to see his favorite horse, Amira, carrying a female rider who is suffering from heat exhaustion.

Zafiq easily captures Amira, and mistakes the rider as a horse thief.  When the woman awakes he learns that she was making her way to the city to escape being placed there by her father.  He believes her story, but refuses to give into her pleas to escort her back to the city.

Bella is intrigued by the Sheikh, but frustrated that her womanly charms have no effect on him in getting him to take her back to the city.  She knows that he will not give into her and escort her back to the city; she prepares to stay with him for the next five days.  Not wanting to reveal her real name and identity, she introduces herself as “Kate”.

As the desert heats up, so does Zafiq’s arousal to “Kate”.  Their close quarters bring a sizzling flame that refuses to be extinguished.  The two give into their baser needs and the days quickly pass by; when they get back to reality Zafiq discovers “Kate’s” true identity.  Will he forgive her of her betrayal?

BELLA AND THE MERCILESS SHEIKH is one outstanding book!  You will quickly get caught up in the passion that radiates from Bella and Zafiq.  This is the second Balfour Brides book that I have read; both can be read as standalone novels for they each offer their own unique story.  The Balfour Brides series is one series you definitely do not want to miss.  I highly recommend it to any true blue romance fan.


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BELLA AND THE MERCILESS SHEIKH is the seventh book in the Balfour Brides series.  The other titles in this series include:


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Uniform of Behavior

Authors: Author: Victoria Blisse, Shermaine Williams, Rebecca Bond, Justine Elyot, Elizabeth Coldwell, Lucy Felthouse

 Publisher: Andrews UK Unlimited



Who can resist a man in uniform?  Whether it is a fireman, a police officer, or a soldier, these brave and fearless men have a way of warming our hearts.  Through the efforts of Lucy Felthouse she has put together an anthology of sixteen short stories that make up the contents of Uniform of Behavior.

Each one of these lusty stories will make the perfect way to unwind after a hard day’s work.  I choose to read them right before I went to bed.  I found it the ideal way to ensure I had sweet dreams at night.

As an added bonus, proceeds of each book sale will be donated to UK Charity Help for Heroes, a charity that goes towards helping wounded UK soldiers.  With such a noble cause, and award winning stories, this project makes for a win win situation.

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Heat Wave

Author: Patricia Pellicane

Publisher: Resplendence
Purchase:  http://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-heatwave-444304-144.html?referrer=romjunkies

From the moment Lilly Winghamton first laid eyes on Jebediah Knight, she was mesmerized by his strong rugged features.  Being a widow, Lilly is torn between being faithful to her deceased husband’s memory or turning her dreams of passion with Jed into a reality.

Jebediah Knight is Arizona’s territory Marshall.  He has always prided himself on putting his job first.  When he arrived in Arizona City, he never anticipated that he would be contemplating mixing business with pleasure.

With Jeb staying at Lilly’s home, it brings the two of them closer together.  He admires her courage and beauty.  Lilly fears if she gives her heart to a Marshall his job will one day make her a widow once again.  Is she willing to risk her heart to be able to take a chance on love?  Or will Jeb ride out of Arizona City once his business is finished?  Can two wayward hearts be able to find love in the Wild West?

Patricia Pellicane’s HEAT WAVE is one exceptional western romance!  The detailed description of each passage paints a vivid picture that enables the story to come alive.  I was so impressed with Jeb and Lilly; it shows how circumstances bring two people together to find the love that they so richly deserve.

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Heat Lightning

Author: Patricia Pellicane

Publisher: Resplendence

Purchase:  http://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-heatlightning-494225-154.html?referrer=romjunkies

Abigail Willingham had boarded a train to Arizona City with the intent of attending her mother’s wedding.  She hadn’t realized the danger she placed herself in by traveling alone until a stranger boldly tried to engage her in a conversation.  Abby would have none of his forward attention and quickly set him in his place.

Linc Knight admired the beauty and trimly figure of the woman who was traveling by herself.  He had seen firsthand her determined spirit as she managed to avoid a confrontation with a stranger.  Linc knew that it was just a matter of time that she would not be able to protect herself on her long journey.  He felt obligated to befriend her and protect her from unwanted attention.

Linc’s plan was disrupted when the train they traveled on derailed.  He found himself pinned on top of Abby.  He was unable to move, and the two ended up spending the night together. 

Late in the night, Linc took it upon himself to capture Abby’s lips with his own.  He was pleased to find that she welcomed his affection.  As morning came, the two were rescued and went their separate ways. 

With one sweet taste of Abby’s lips Linc knew he had to seek her out.  Will she give Linc a chance to prove he is the man able to set her soul on fire?

 HEAT LIGHTENING is one explosive western romance!  Patricia Pellicane is a master when it comes to writing a western that offers a riveting plot, delightful characters, and an ending that will leave you breathless.  Commit this author’s name to memory if you enjoy taking a trip back to the old west for there is no other that can write in such descriptive style that will have you feeling as though you are truly a part of the all the action as it unfolds.

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Bottoms Up
Eliza Gayle
Resplendence Publishing
2665 S. Atlantic Avenue, #349, Dayton Beach, Florida 32176
9781607352082 $3.99

Purchase:  http://www.resplendencepublishing.com

It had been seven years since Jenn had last seen her college friend Riley. Their lives went separate ways when she accepted a job in New York and Riley had settled in North Carolina. The two had kept in touch over the years by phone, e-mail, and texting.

When Jenn is given the opportunity to interview for a job in Riley’s hometown, she sees it as the perfect excuse to visit her beloved friend. She is pleased to see that the years have been kind to Riley for he still is as handsome as she last remembered him.

After college, Riley was able to explore his dark side of passion by discovering the BDSM lifestyle. He finds that he is a natural Dominant who enjoys bringing a submissive to her knees. He has always had deep feelings of love for Jenn and is determined with this visit that he will reveal to her his new found interest.

When Jenn finds a book and a flyer for a local BDSM club in Riley’s condo she finds herself fascinating by the concept. Will she give Riley the opportunity to show her a world that is foreign to her livelihood? Or will his new interest have her wanting to return to the safely and security of her home in New York?

Eliza Gayle has written a sizzling romance in Bottoms Up. You will not find a better offering of the BDSM lifestyle then you will in the words of Ms. Gayle. This book literally has the power to short out your eBook reader with its electrifying jolt of intense sexual pleasure. Eliza Gayle is one author whose name I intended to commit to memory, for she has certainly left a very positive impression of one talented author who knows how to write a unique romance novel that will leave you craving for more of her work.

{Midwest Book Review}

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