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A Wing and a Prayer

Author: Ginger Simpson

Publisher: Muse It Up Publishing

Release Date: January 2011



It is Callie Corwin’s first day on the job as a flight attendant.  She is working on a 747 jet enroute to England.  While making last minute checks on the passengers, two individuals catch her attention.  One is a handsome cowboy whose name is Troy Williams; his mild flirtation helps calm her first day jitters.  The other is Kenneth Shalib, his appearance and actions lead her to believe he fits the profile of a terrorist.

As the plane makes its way into the air will Callie’s fears turn into a reality?  Will her first day on the job become her last?  Or will she discover that you can’t judge a book by its cover.

Gingers Simpson has written a very realistic book in A WING AND A PRAYER.  I was able to sense Callie’s fear as she experienced her first day on the job.  This book is a reminder that even though things are not what they seem you have to ensure that your guard is kept up at all times.  This is the second book that I have discovered by Ginger Simpson, and I can guarantee her writing style is one that will keep you highly entertained.

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First Degree Innocence

Author: Ginger Simpson

Publisher: Books We Love Publishing Partners

Release Date: November 9, 2010



Carrie Lang is falsely accused of a crime she didn’t commit and is sentenced to ten years in prison.  Overnight her sheltered world of privacy ceases to exist.  It is replaced with the cold iron bars of the prison walls where her every move is observed.

In prison she becomes a pawn of local inmate Jillian ‘Jet’ Duke.  Jet is plotting to pay back someone who she feels has wronged a family member.  She informs Carrie that either she helps her carry out her plan, or she will see that her life will end. 
In the midst of all the tension, Carrie develops a friendship with one of the male prison guards, Seth Martin.  When she tells Seth of her innocence, she is surprised that he believes her story.  She is overwhelmed with relief when he indicates that he is going to help her prove her innocence.
Will Carrie agree to help Jet with her sinister plan or will she spend her days terrified of the day Jet will carry out her death threat?  Will Seth be in time to save Carrie from harm by becoming her knight in shining armor?
Ginger Simpson has written a highly suspenseful book.  From the first page you are thrown into the chaos of Carrie Lang’s life.  How she gets past all of the obstacles she encounters in prison is very realistic; you will question whether you are reading fiction or real life.  FIRST DEGREE INNOCENCE will deliver a thrill ride of high intense suspense; this is one title you definitely do not want to miss!
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Zoe and the Tormented Tycoon

Author: Kate Hewitt

Publisher: Harlequin

Release Date: December 1, 2010

Purchase:   http://www.eharlequin.com/storeitem.html?iid=22682

When Zoe Balfour’s sister uncovered the fact that she was not born a Balfour, she fled her home in England and went to New York to avoid the press scandal.  In New York, where her real father lives, she decides to find him and inform him of her birth.  She is disheartened when he cruelly refuses to welcome her with open arms.

At an art exhibit Zoe decides to put to use what she knows best, how to party and have a good time.  She singles out a handsome man and introduces herself to him.  She hopes he will provide her the distraction she needs to forget about the chaos of her own life.

Being one of the largest donors to the art exhibit, Max Monroe was required to make an appearance.  Unbeknown to Zoe he is facing his own life changing dilemma when he recently was diagnosed with a rare eye disease that will eventually render him blind.

Zoe and Max find comfort in one another’s arms as they share one night of heated passion.  In the morning, Max knows it is better if he asks Zoe to leave then allow their feelings to go any further.  Zoe is heartbroken over Max’s rejection; once again she finds herself being discarded by another man.   

Weeks later when Zoe misses a period she discovers that her one night with Max resulted in an unplanned pregnancy.  She is determined to raise the baby herself but she knows she must tell Max that he is about to become a father.

When Zoe informs Max of the pending birth will he accept her and the child?  Or will he still think his blindness will prevent him from being an adequate father? 

Kate Hewitt’s ZOE AND THE TORMENTED TYCOON is the perfect way to spend a cold afternoon by the fire.  It provides a heartwarming cast of characters you will quickly fall in love with as they wrap their way around your heart.  Kate Hewitt has written the perfect type of romance, this is a title that any true blue romance reader will not want to miss!

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Through Her Eyes

Author: Janet Eaves

Publisher: Resplendence

Release Date: 9/15/10



Allie Winchester’s world is turned upside down when she loses her job and finds she is about to be without a place to stay.  When a friend offers her a nursing position to care for a blinded soldier she immediately accepts. 

With her new job, Allie is given the freedom to decorate the home they will stay in and also given a brand new car to drive.  She can’t believe her good fortune to have a roof over her head and a means to earn money for her future.

When Allie meets George Sterling she is surprised that he is close to her own age.  George’s bitterness to the world and everything around him concerns Allie for she fears that he will be displeased with her services and easily find a replacement.

George suffers from the memories of the one mistake that cost him his friend’s life and his sight.  His blindness is a constant reminder of that one horrific day.  George is reluctant to go and live with a care giver his mother has hired.  He is surprised to learn that her voice brings light into his dark days. 

As Allie and George spend their days together, Allie grows more confident in her position.  She gets up the courage to challenge George to break out of the self pity he wallows in each day.  George finds Allie’s attitude a new and refreshing change by speaking her mind for she is treating him like a regular man.

When Allie invites George to accompany her to town, he is hesitant.  He questions whether he is ready to visit somewhere he is unfamiliar with; his concerns our unjust when the townsfolk accepts him with open arms.

Allie finds that with each passing day her feelings intensify towards George.  She sees him as a man she could easily find herself falling in love with; his actions indicate that he is returning her feelings.  When George’s mother arrives she forces him to make a choice, to go home with him and help run the company business or stay with Allie.  Which life altering decision will he choose?

THROUGH HER EYES is an exceptional reading experience.   George and Allie are two heartwarming characters.  I literally fell in love with this story and would highly recommend it to anyone true blue romance reader.  This is the first Janet Eaves book that I have read, but it surely will not be my last as her skill as a writer far surpasses any that I have read in a long time.

{Romance Junkies}

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Rodeo Redemption

Author: Teri Wilson

Publisher: White Rose Publishing

Release Date: 7-16-2010



Ten years ago, Josie Turner was crowned Angel Springs, Texas Rodeo Queen.  The event made rodeo history when she was proposed to by Luke Anderson soon after she received the crown.  Unfortunately, Josie’s fairy tale wedding didn’t end with a happy ending because Luke stood her up at the altar without any explanation.

With the help of an abandoned pug who she named Remedy, Josie managed to put aside her heartache and start thinking about her future.  She opened a poodle parlor where she has made a thriving business grooming the local pets.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Rodeo Queen pageant.  The coordinator Cooper Dotson is pressuring Josie to come and make an appearance at the event.  Josie wants nothing to do with revisiting painful memories.

Luke Anderson finds himself back in his hometown of Angel Springs.  When he accepts a position as the churches Associate Pastor he knows he is home to stay.  He makes his first town visit to his former fiancé Josie Turner.  He wanted to be the first to tell her before she heard it from anyone else that he was back in town.

When Luke sees Josie he finds that she still possesses the same beauty he always remembered.  Josie is stunned to see Luke; she still harbors resentment towards him of the way he left her the day of their wedding.  When Josie finds out the real reason why Luke abandoned her will it change her feelings toward him?

RODEO REDEMPTION should be crowned the best romance book of 2010!  From the moment I read the first page I knew I was in for an award winning novel.  This book has all the elements other books lack:  a triumph to tragedy twist, a disabled character, and a bittersweet love that deserves a second chance.  Books such as RODEO REDEMPTION come far and few between whenever you are lucky enough to find one you know why you are a devoted romance reader.

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Deeper into Love – 7 Keys to Heart-Based Spirituality
Chrissie Blaze
Mill City Press
212 3rd Ave N, Suite 290, Minneapolis, MN 55401

Purchase: www.millcitypress.net

“The most important thing in life is to learn how to give our love, and to let it come in.”

~Morrie Schwartz

The beauty of love is unsurpassed for it shows us all the wonders of the world. It gives us courage to go forward and to explore unknown territory with the hopes of finding that one and true love our body and soul craves.

Through Chrissie Blaze’s Deeper into Love – 7 Keys to Heart-Based Spirituality the concept love takes on a whole new meaning. She reveals how it is the primary substance of our existence for it offers us the greatest means to change. With in-depth knowledge and foresight she shows how this one emotion can unlock seven unknown doors that you may never realized existed.

Deeper into Love – 7 Keys to Heart-Based Spirituality is definitely a life changing book. You will discover ways to remove obstacles that are blocking your spiritual growth and robbing your from living a fulfilling life.

As you take the journey to self awareness you will see yourself in a new and refreshing light; it is like all the darkness is suddenly lifted and you are rewarded with a refreshing path forward. Books such as Deeper into Love – 7 Keys to Heart-Based Spirituality very rarely come into our lives it is up to each of us to puts its knowledge to the best possible use as we go forward to changing ourselves for the better.

{Midwest Book Review}

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A Celebration of the Simple Life
Wanda E. Brunstetter
1810 Barbour Drive, Uhrichsville, OH 44683

Purchase: www.barbourbooks.com

In today’s hectic world it is essential that each of us remember to take a step back and take a deep breath to relax our mind and spirit. Often, we get caught up in hectic pace of trying to balance family and work that we often forget to take time for our own selves.

In Wanda E. Brunstetter’s A Celebration of Simple Life it is centered around three basic life skills that consist of attitude, responsibility, and Christian duty. Each one of these topics is interwoven around the Amish culture.

I always am amazed to discover how the Amish are able to live their lives at such a slow and study pace. Every picture and story that I read allows me to see how they put their faith and trust in God to see them through all obstacles that enter their lives.

A Celebration of the Simple Life is a wonderful way to take time out for yourself, realize what is important, and live your life in a Godly presence. Each one of the poems will bring a smile to your face as you rejoice in all that is pure and good in the world.

With each book I read of Wanda E. Brunstetter I am fully convinced she is an author that offers the very best of her abilities for her fans reading pleasure. There is no doubt that her skill is unsurpassed. If this is your first experience with this author rest assured that it definitely will not be your last. For her words have a way that magically weaves each one of them around your heart.

{Midwest Book Review}

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