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Cilla’s Master

Author: Katherine Kingston

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

Release Date: May 7, 2010

Purchase:  http://www.jasminejade.com/pm-8345-97-cillas-master.aspx

The club was where Charles, a divorcee, and Cilla, a widower, could forget that the outside world existed.   Through these private walls their lives took on a whole different meaning, one that enabled them to fulfill their innermost fantasies.  Charles is a dominate Master, and Cilla is his willing submissive.  

Charles and Cilla had been friends for years; lately he has been feeling closer to Cilla.  He tries to push these growing feelings away and enjoy the moments they spend together, but his hungry soul craves more.  He suggests that Cilla and he have a relationship outside the club. 

Cilla if fearful of a relationship with Charles; having been married to a dominate man, she doesn’t want to be lured into another man’s spell to feel trapped.  Will she be able to put her fears to rest and trust Charles is the man for her, or will she reject his proposition and lose the friendship they share?

Katherine Kingston’s CILLA’S MASTER is one hot book.  From the moment you read page one you are convinced this is going to be one electrifying romance ride.  This is the type of BDSM that dreams are made out of. You definitely will be captivated by all of the intense sexual pleasure you find in this one book.

{Romance Junkies}

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Creating the Perfect Lifestyle
Oli Hille
Empire Publishing
3130 US Hwy 220, Madison, NC 27025

Purchase:  http://www.author.co.nz/author_main.html

The world is mine oyster

Shakespeare Play, “The Merry Wives of Windsor.”

Ask yourself are you living the life of your dreams. If the answer is no then take a step back and analyze what elements need to be changed in order for you to have the life that you deserve.

The pathway to living a rewarding and fulfilling life can be found in Oli Hille’s Creating the Perfect Lifestyle. This book will start you traveling on the pathway of success. You will be able to accomplish your goals in as little as five years.

Creating the Perfect Lifestyle enables the user to define the type of lifestyle they wish to have, then it shows you what steps you need to take to turn your dreams into a reality.

Creating the Perfect Lifestyle is the must have book of the century. It’s helpful advice can set you on the pathway of living the life you were meant to live. By far this is one of the most interesting titles this reviewer has ever discovered. Oli Hille should stand up and take a bow, he has written a book that can literally change the way you live your life.

{Midwest Book Review}

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The Practical Mom’s Disney Vacation 2010 Edition
J.J. Davis
Companion Media, LLC
9780979849244 $19.95

Purchase:  http://www.momswdw.com

Summer time signals vacation time! With the kids out of school it is the ideal time to start planning their summer activities.

Many parents will decide to take their children on a Disney vacation. A vacation of this magnitude takes a lot of planning and organizing. The best book on the market I have discovered to provide the ultimate Disney experience is J.J. Davis’s The Practical Mom’s Disney Vacation 2010 Edition.

This is more than a book; it is a reference tool that saves you a huge amount of time, effort, and money. It walks you through all stages of the Disney vacation process. As an added bonus it provides the user pre made templates and organizers that will help in ensuring you leave nothing out.

What sets this book far above is competition is its ability to be accessed online. With today’s PDA and smart phones, mothers are able to take this invaluable book with them to Disney in case they have a question. It being readily available in electronic form is a huge bonus you won’t find in similar titles.

For anyone planning a trip to Disney there is only one book that you need and that is J.J. Davis’s The Practical Mom’s Disney Vacation 2010 Edition. Once you see how easy and stress free it is to plan a visit to Disney you will find make Disney a part of your vacation each year.

{Midwest Book Review}

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Kundalini Rising: Exploring the Energy of Awakening
Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa
Sounds True, Inc.
413 S. Arthur Avenue, Louisville, CO 80027
9781591797289 $19.95



For centuries Kundalini has been a scared state in which its existence has been closely guarded. Its theory revolves around the ultimate form of energy source of the highest spiritual awakening.

Through Kundalini Rising you will discover and in-depth look of the true meaning of Kundalini and how it has the power to change your life.

This one is divided into four different sections. Part one is entitled The Experience; this is where you are able to read actual events of people who have experienced Kundalini and all its majestic wonders. Part two is Kundalini and your Health it is essays from medical practitioners who show how Kundalini provides health benefits. The third part is called Kundalini at Large it shows how Kundalini has evolved throughout history. The last section is Kundalini in Motion it discusses how Kundalini has been incorporated into meditation and yoga.

In all there are twenty six essays that allow the reader to fully understand Kundalini and how it has the power to change one’s life.

Kundalini Rising: Exploring the Energy of Awakening provides a comprehensive look at a spiritual energy that has existed for centuries. I felt that I gained not only knowledge for a deeper appreciation for all the greatness Kundalini has to offer once I finished this book. Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa is a highly talented author who has brought to light one of life’s greatest mysteries.

{Midwest Book Review}

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Naked Dragon: A Works Like Magick Novel
Annette Blair
375 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10014-3657
9780425232002 $7.99



McKenna Greylock finds that time is not on her side; she has ninety days to restore her family bed-and-breakfast to the standards needed to meet the building inspector’s approval. If she fails she will lose her property and the dreams of her mother and grandmother.

In desperation she enlists the services of Works Like Magick employment agency. The owner, Vivica Quinlan finds the perfect solution to McKenna’s dilemma in the form of Bastian Dragonelli.

Bastian was once a Roman solider now he finds himself back on earth using his talents to fulfill McKenna’s requirements of a handyman. As an added bonus he is devilish handsome. When McKenna learns that Bastian true dragon heritage will she be able to accept him for what he is?

Naked Dragon is the first in the Works Like Magick series. What a wonderful way to jumpstart what is to be a very highly entertaining saga. Annette Blair has once again proven she knows how to delight her fans.

{Midwest Book Review}

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White Heat
Brenda Novak
P.O. Box 5190, Buffalo, NY 14240-5190
9780778327950 $7.99



Nate Ferrentino and Rachel Jessop learned that business and pleasure didn’t mix. The two had shared a brief one night of passion. Rachel would have liked to explore the growing feelings she harbored for Nate but he showed no interest in continuing with their affair, he treated it as nothing more than a one night stand.

Department 6 is a private security company where both Nate and Rachel work. They are assigned to work together undercover to expose a religious cult who has taken up residence in Paradise, Arizona. Rachel is not looking forward to the close contact the assignment will offer due to their past relationship.

Ethan Wycliff is the found of the Church of the Covenant. His members follow his ever command. To betray him will result in dire consequences. One of his former members barely escaped with her life after Ethan sentenced her to be being stoned to death after she crossed him. Now the cult is rumored to be associated with the disappearance of a teenage girl who disappeared in their compound.

Upon meeting Rachel, Ethan is enchanted by her beauty. He takes an immediate interest in her and decides she is to be the chosen one known as “the vessel”. To be selected to be “the vessel” will entitle her to carry Ethan’s seed to create a child. To be bestowed that honor is the highest form any woman could hope to obtain in Ethan’s religious cult.

Rachel is unaware of Ethan’s sinister plot. Will Nate and she be able to put an end to Ethan’s madness? Or will they become pawns in his deadly game in the name of all he sees as Holy?

Brenda Novak has written the best high action thriller of 2010. White Heat far exceeded my expectations. From page one I was immediately hooked on this fast action plot that was like solving a Chinese puzzle box. Once again Brenda Novak has proven she is the Queen of romantic suspense!

{Midwest Book Review}

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The Bridegrooms
Allison Pittman
Multnomah Books
The WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group
12265 Oracle Blvd. Suite 200, Colorado Springs, CO 80921
9781601421371 $13.99



Vada Allenhouse’s life changed when her mother suddenly vanished from their home in Ohio. Her father consumed himself in his medical practice to help deal with the pain of losing his wife. Vada, being the oldest child knew it was up to her to raise her three younger sisters.

As Vada grew to be an adult she captured the eye of Garrison Walker. Still her number one priority was to her father and sisters. Their happiness was of the upmost importance to her life.

When the Brooklyn Bridegrooms played the Cleveland Spiders the town is excited about the game. When one of the spectators gets injured he is brought to her home for her father to treat. The event brings a host of unexpected guests to Vada’s home.

Through these new acquaintances her sisters are excited at the opportunity to meet eligible bachelors. Will Vada play a hand as a matchmaker to enable her sisters to find love so that she will be able to live her own life?

Allison Pittman is one of my all time favorite authors. Her writing talent sets her aside from other historical authors. The Bridegrooms is an exceptional example of how she is able to weave a cast of characters into your heart and soul. With each offering I experience I grow more in love with her writing style.

{Midwest Book Review}

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