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Diablo: The Texans
Georgina Gentry
Kensington Publishing Corporation
119 West 40th Street, New York, New York 10018



A half-breed Santee Sioux was born to a white woman. Since his birth he had not been accepted in either the white world or by the Sioux culture. His white mother had been raped by a Sioux Warrior; in humiliation of being violated she ended her life. Her family couldn’t stand to raise the cause of her death and turned the child over to the Sioux’s. The Sioux’s wouldn’t accept him as an equal and made him serve as their slave; they called him He Not Worthy of a Name.

At the age of fourteen, He Not Worthy of a Name managed to escape from the Sioux. He set out to find some place that would accept him. He traveled for days; close to starving to death he killed a cow to stay alive. While he was eating it raw, a group of cowboys stumbled upon him. He feared they would end his life for what he had done to their steer. He was surprised that they offered him their friendship and invited him into their camp. They offered him a part of their meal and spoke of returning to their homeland of Texas.

The rustler cowboys were the first people who had ever shown any type of kindness to He Not Worthy of a Name. His new found friendship was short lived for his friends were cattle rustlers. The owner of the herd caught them by surprise and ordered then to hang for their crimes. He Not Worthy of a Name watched in horror as their lives ended in a matter of seconds. The owner allowed him to live, but demanded he become a walking billboard for all other would be rustlers who thought about stealing from him. He had a group of his men hold him down and tortured him, as a lasting reminder they branded one side of his face.

Years later, He Not Worthy of a Name was given the name Diablo which meant Devil. He was known as one of the fastest guns in the west. Revenge was a poison that ran freely through Diablo’s blood. Each time he looked at his reflection in a mirror he was reminded of that one horrific day. He vowed one day soon to hunt down those responsible for his pain and suffering and end their lives in a slow agonizing death.

Diablo’s chance at vengeance came when the person responsible for scarring him hired a group of gunslingers to run settlers off farm land in Wyoming. Diablo seen this as a perfect opportunity to get close to his worst enemies he plotted out each one of their deaths to ensure they were slow and painful. As he narrowed it down to the main ringleader, Hurd Kruger he decided to torture him by stealing his most prized possessions, one of them being his intended fiancee Sunny Sorrenson.

Sunny is the type of woman Diablo can only dream about for her beauty would never accept a scarred beast such as himself. As the days of her captivity progresses Diablo finds it hard to resist her kindness and charm. Will he allow himself to take of her forbidden fruit? Or will his will to seek revenge against Hurd blind him from the love that could be his?

Diablo – The Texans is one of the best historical romances this reviewer has ever experienced. I fell in love with each one of the characters. When they hurt I felt their pain, when they rejoiced I was right there with them. Georgina Gentry stand up and take a bow, you have written a romantic masterpiece.

{Midwest Book Review}

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Nothing to Commend Her

 Jo Barrett

The Wild Rose Press

Release Date: December 2009



Agatha Trumwell is a woman beyond her season.  She sees herself as a Plain Jane with no hope of securing a husband.  While at a party she, finds herself overhearing some snobbish women in the bathroom talk of “The Monster” Lord Leighton. Lord Leighton was scarred in a fire when he tried to save his wife.  Agatha has never met Lord Leighton, but she can’t standby and allow someone’s reputation to be torn to shreds.  She steps in and finds herself defending his honor to the senseless twits.

Existing the bathroom, Agatha haphazardly loses her glasses.  Without them the world is a blurry mass of unrecognized faces and objects.  Agatha is saved from an unknown man’s voice that helps her retrieve her glasses.  He leaves in a sudden rush and the darkness of the shadows keep his identity a mystery.

Within days of the incident, Agatha is stunned when her father informs her that he has received a marriage proposal for her hand.  She also learns the kind man who helped her retrieve her glasses is the same man who’s honor she defended, Lord Leighton.  She finds herself intrigued by Lord Leighton’s marriage proposal and readily accepts.

Marriage with Lord Leighton is one where she finds herself tearing down the thick walls he has placed over his heart.  She is determined to be his wife in every way possible. 

There is one who is determined that the couple’s marriage will not be long lived.  They plot to ensure that Agatha meets with the same fate as Lord Leighton’s former wife.  Will they succeed in their sinister plan to destroy Agatha’s growing love before it fully is given a chance to succeed?

NOTHING TO COMMEND HER is an exceptional historical novel.  It provides all the elements needed to make it an award winning novel.  Agatha’s determination to win Lord Leighton’s heart is why I love to read romance books because no matter what obstacle the hero/heroine faces, they always manage to overcome any obstacle that is placed in their path.  I highly recommend this book to any individual who has a true appreciation for how a historical romance should be written.

{Romance Junkies}

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