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Dancing for Jonathan

Ariel Viz
Dreamspinner Press



Vince is out of work and behind on his rent, he decides to search the classifieds for a job.  He notices an ad for a male stripper, figuring he doesn’t have anything to lose he goes for an audition.  While waiting on the results to see if he lands the job, he sees another job listing for a personal assistant to a paraplegic.  Having worked as an orderly in the health care industry in the past he feels he could qualify for the job.  One of the perks this job would offer would be pay and free room and board.

Vince calls the number that is listed in the ad and is surprised the potential employer wants to interview him the same day.  He agrees to the interview and then learns that he has been hired as a stripper.  Even though he landed the stripper job, he plans to go for the interview.

At the interview, Vince meets Jonathan who lost the ability to walk in a rock climbing incident sixteen years prior.  Jonathan is immediately impressed with Vince.  Even though he didn’t have time to prepare a proper resume and references he can tell that he has the qualifications he requires.  

Vince turns out to be the perfect medicine that Jonathan has been seeking.  He opens up a world that allows him to meet new friends and try new adventures.  When Jonathan finds out about Vince’s past, is it enough to end their growing attraction?  Or will the revelation take their relationship to the next level?

DANCING FOR JONATHAN is a well developed story that shows how two people find each other in the most unlikely of circumstances.  In this book you will discover two males who strengthen each other through their acquaintance.  Anel Viz writing contains a strong plot, deserving characters, and a unique setting.  It is a delightful way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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Pirate’s Wench

 Myra Nour

New Concept Publishing



Sarah Peterson’s restless soul cries out for a sense of adventure.  She makes an offering to the River Goddess to allow her to live out her greatest fantasy of meeting a pirate.  The River Goddess grants Sarah’s wish and she finds herself back in time and in the middle of a bloody battle on a ship.

Sarah is rescued by a real life pirate; he introduces himself as Captain William Drake. He whisks her away to his own private chambers.  Will is enchanted by Sarah’s beauty and he feels that destiny has brought them together.

Sarah is getting more than she bargained for; Will fulfills her pirate requirements perfectly.  He sets her body on fire as his(HE) trails kisses down her body.  She feels as though he is the one that she has been waiting for all these years.

Will knows that Sarah is hiding something from him.  He also knows that he wants her to be his wife.  When Sarah’s secret is revealed will it be enough to tear these young lovers apart?

Myra Nour’s PIRATE WENCH is one outstanding book!!!  You will find yourself swept back to the high sea adventures as she introduces a devilish pirate that no true blooded woman can resist.  This book definitely is highly recommended for it gives the perfect definition to a historical romance.

{Romance Junkies}

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Unmasking Dorian

Violet Summers
Liquid Silver



Recently widowed, Cassidy Anderson-Lassiter decides to make a new life for herself and her daughter in Detroit working for her brother-in-law, Marcus Worthington. Cassidy hopes that her new location will help her deal with the pain of her husband’s death.

Cassidy discovers at her sisters apartment, a book on BDSM.  The topic immediately peaks her interest and she decides to do further online research on the subject.  Through the safety of her computer screen she meets Dom, Master Darken.  He opens her eyes to a whole new world; with his words her soul is set on fire.

Master Darken convinces Cassidy to meet him in person.  They agree to meet at a local BDSM club.  In person, Master Darken hides his true identity behind a mask.  He is more appealing than anything she could have experienced online.  She follows his commands and is rewarded with sensual pleasure.

With each encounter with Master Darken, Cassidy falls deeper under his spell.  She wants to take their relationship further by asking him to reveal his face.  When his true identity is revealed, will she still feel the same level of desire? 

UNMASKING DORIAN is my first BDSM book, but it definitely will not be my last!  Violet Summers is a master storyteller who knows how to write a collection of wicked love scenes.  These scenes are so blazing hot that you will fear it will melt your eBook reader.  Those with the faint of heart should definitely take this book in small doses.

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In The Dark by Brynn Paulin

 The Dark

Brynn Paulin

Total E-Bound Publishing



Katherine Wolf’s world is one of isolation.  At birth she was born with a red mark on her face.  Her parents feared that she would be labeled a witch.  To protect her, they hid her within the walls of their castle.  

The plague traveled like wildfire throughout the land.  No family was immune to its deadly existence.  Katherine’s family was hit hard by the awful disease.  In the end, it would claim the lives of both her parents.  She found herself alone in the world; she and a faithful servant were the only ones who managed to survive.  Together they continued living within the safety of the castle walls.

Calen the Black is a fierce warrior.  He has been granted a castle that is rumored to be haunted.  He is determined to flush out any evil spirits and turn the place into his home.  He is unaware of the gift that has been bestowed upon him belongs to Katherine.

Katherine is stunned the day Calen arrives to claim his new “home”.  She hides herself from him and watches him from the shadows.  There is something about the untamed man that captures Katherine’s attention. In fascination she sneaks into his room one night.  Calen believes that Katherine is a servant; he is intrigued by her air of mystery.  When she disappears before the morning he is compelled to seek her out.  

When the truth is revealed about Katherine’s true heritage, will Calen cast her out?  Or will the two discover a love in which tragedy brought them together?

IN THE DARK is a beautiful written historical romance.  Brynn Paulin has created two strong characters that discover love under unusual circumstances.  How the plague was entwined into the plot is truly a work of art.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to take a journey back into time.

{Romance Junkies}


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Zumba(R): Ditch the Workout, Join the Party! The Zumba Weight Loss Program
Beto Perez and Maggie Greenwood-Robinson
Wellness Central; (Hatchette Book Group)
Hachette Book Group
237 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017
9780446546126 $16.49



Zumba is the workout program that has taken the fitness world by storm. It features a fun way to dance yourself into the best shape of your life. Zumba consists of a high energy fitness routine that includes salsa, samba, and the meringue. Its sultry Latin moves are easy to learn and are very effective in burning calories.

The ability to learn Zumba without joining a health club is now available through Beto Perez and Maggie Greenwood-Robinson book Zumba(R): Ditch the Workout, Join the Party! The Zumba Weight Loss Program. The book is priceless, not only do you learn the moves of Zumba by viewing the in-depth illustrations it also includes an instructional DVD, along with the Zumba diet.

I discovered Zumba approximately six months ago at my local gym. From the first class I instantly fell in love with all that it offered. Within six weeks of practicing this workout routine twice a week, I lost more weight and inches than with anything I had ever tired. What is so amazing is that it had kept my interest; I now look forward to my Zumba classes each week.

Get an early start on your New Year’s resolution to lose weight and have fun doing it. Zumba(R): Ditch the Workout, Join the Party! The Zumba Weight Loss Program is the only book you need to help you achieve your goal. Once you see that you can actually have fun and lose weight you will quickly become a Zumba fan.

{Midwest Book Review}

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Kundalini Meditation Music
Featuring Snatam Kaur, Harijiwan Khalsa, Guruganesha Singh, Joseph Michael Levry (Guurunam)
Sounds True, Inc.
413 S. Arthur Avenue, Louisville, CO 80027
600835-136822 $17.98



Mediation brings wisdom; lack of mediation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what hold you back, and choose the patch that leads to wisdom.


In today’s turbulent times it is essential that you find an outlet to help relieve stress. For hundreds of years, Kundalini Yoga has been practiced worldwide. It was brought to the western culture in 1968 by Yogi Bhajaan; its primary focus is to align the individual consciousness with that of the universe. It consists of postures, breathing, mediations, relaxing, and chanting.

Kundalini Mediation Music primarily is centered on mediation. Through the seven tracks you will gain inner peace and harmony. There are a total of seven healing tracks that help to obtain healing, prosperity, love, peace, unity, relaxation, and calmness.

What makes this audio so effective is that it enables the listener to choose the track that relates to what is missing from their life. It provides an interactive experience by including a guidebook with the words to each audio. This allows the person to chant along with the audio to gain the maximum amount of benefit. The chanting allows you to draw from the healing energy of the light that radiates from the mantras.

Kundalini Meditation Music encompasses a wealth of healing magic. From the moment you push play your problems will seem to float away. This audio is one that is assured to be added to your favorite collection.

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Armchair Reader The Gigantic Reader

~ Editors of West Side Publishing

Publications International, Ltd.
7373 N. Cicero Ave., Lincolnwood, IL 60712
9781412716536 $15.95



Are you someone who lives to discover new knowledge? Do you enjoy playing trivia and are always looking for more interesting facts and details to help strengthen you game? If so, then search no further for the Armchair Reader The Gigantic Reader is the book you need to add to your collection in order to enhance your life.

This one book overflows with a wide variety of knowledge, facts, quotes, and an unlimited amount of details. What makes this book a must read is all of this knowledge is contained in one gigantic book that has 576 pages.

From the moment you open this book you will amazed at all that you learn. I guarantee that you will be swept away at all the fascinating facts that your brain will absorb. Some of my favorites included:

-The original title of the Buddy Holly hit song “Peggy Sue” was originally called “Cindy Lou”

-Bears do not urinate while they are hibernating

-Over a lifetime, an average human spends about six months on the toilet

These are just a sample of what you will discover, there are hundreds more interesting things to discover in this one book, each time you open it up you will amazed at what you find.

With Christmas around the corner, this book would make an excellent present. It would provide a unique gift that the receiver will be proud to own. I predict once others see how wonderful this book is they will be disappointed that they didn’t find it under their Christmas tree.

{Midwest Book Review}

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