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blueenchantresslg_1Charles Towne Belles Series – The Blue Enchantress

Marylu Tyndall

Barbour Books

Price: $7.98 ; 1602601577





Hope Wescott dreamed of starting a new life with her beloved Lord Arthur Faulkland.  She left the safety of her Charles Towne home believing his words of love and devotion was true.  His promise of a future together is what prompted her to hide away on his ship.  She wanted it to be a surprise when he discovered what she had done for her love for him.

Hope’s dreams soon turn into a nightmare as she learns that Lord Faulkland had played her for a fool.  She discovered that he was married and had no intention of leaving his wife for her.  To keep her presence undetected, he locked her in an isolated cabin for a two week period.  Once they set shore on St. Kitts he turned her over to a slave auctioneer to be sold to the highest bidder.

Hope listened in horror as her life was being carelessly auctioned away.  With each bid she could feel the freedom she took for granted being taken away.  As the bids grew higher she summoned up the courage to look out into the crowd and try to guess who would become her master. 

Captain Nathan Mason is a ship owner who built his success with hard work and his own two hands.  At St. Kitts he recognized a familiar Charles Towne face, Hope Wescott.  In Charles Towne, Hope never noticed him for she felt her position in society far above his commoner status.  Now, as he sees the terror in her eyes he knows that he is the only one who is able to save her from a life of horror.  He knows the only way that he will have the funds to free her is if he forfeits his ship.  He listens to a voice of a higher power and agrees to sign over his ships title to save her life.

Hope is relieved that Nathan was able to save her from a hellish existence.  She feels guilty that he had to make such a huge sacrifice to free her from captivity.  Nathan is able to book passage on a merchant ship for both of them in exchange for working off the debt.  The voyage is one that will have both of them calling out to the Lord for his protection, for the days to come are assured to be the most trying ones in both of their lives.  Will their faith be strong enough to endure the dark days ahead?

Marylu Tyndall’s THE BLUE ENCHANTRESS would make an excellent Hallmark movie.  With a superb plot, riveting characters, high action drama, this book overflows with all the elements that romance readers crave.  This is the second book in the CHARLES TOWNE BELLES series, but it is strong enough to stand alone on its own.  Very highly recommended.

{Romance Junkies Book Review}

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sightofhomeThe Sight of Home

Sean Michael

Torquere Books

PO Box 2545

Round Rock, TX 78680

Price  $2.25




Stone Watson is a Professor at a local university.  When he was five, he was blinded in a plane crash that killed his mother and sister.  He recently published a book on the Civil War that became an overnight success.  In order to promote his book, he has agreed to do a thirty five week book signing.  He knows that he will be unable to accomplish this alone, and puts out an ad to hire a personal assistant.

Mason Vergis is looking for a change in his life.  Having served ten years in the military he now wants to find something different.  He sees the opportunity to work as a personal assistant would give him the freedom to see the world.  He just hopes that his new employer can see past his tough exterior.

Stone contacts Mason for an interview.  Upon meeting him there is a definite attraction.  He can hear in his voice that he is a man that likes to take charge and provide the ultimate form of protection.  He knows that if he hires Mason there is no doubt this man can be the perfect employee. 

To get to know one another, the two have dinner.  Stone finds that his attraction to Mason is overwhelming.  He asks that he be able to “see” him by touching his features.  Mason agrees and the action arouses both of them to a point of heighted ecstasy.

Stone invites Mason back to his home; Mason marvels at how independent Stone is in his own environment.  He sees that he is a man who has a lot of offer.  When the two allows their instant attraction to be known they waste no time in seeing what develops.

Stone hires Mason and together they begin the grueling thirty five week book tour.  The hours are long, but Mason provides Stone the grounding effect he needs to keep it all together.  Once the book tour is over, will Mason agree to continue as Stone’s partner?

THE SIGHT OF HOME is an exceptional example of how circumstances bring a couple together.  I admired how the author presented such well developed plot that was filled with sizzling action.  This book definitely will keep you up at night.  For once you start there is no way that you can stop until you finish the last page. 

{Romance Junkies Book Review}

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invitationlgInvitation to the Boss’s Ball

Fiona Harper


 9780373176120  Price:  $4.50

P.O. Box 5190
Buffalo, NY 14240-5190




Alice Morton is an IT Consultant by day and a vintage fashion retailer by night.  She dreams of one day turning her moonlight job into a full time career with her friend Coreen.  Together the two of them share a passion for vintage clothes of the past.  They know if they are able to raise enough funds to finance a business it will become an overnight success.

An opportunity of a lifetime comes from an old family friend.  Jennie is seeking assistance to help plan a lavish ball for her step brother Cameron.  The event is to celebrate the grand opening of his new business.  With the funds from this project she will be able to open her dress shop sooner than she anticipated.     

Thirty-five year old Cameron Hunter has made a name in the computer industry through his development of software that can be found on every computer in existence.  His rise to the top has been one that has kept him focused on his goal and has left little time for any social involvement.  Now, as he is about to unveil his new business, he finds that he would like to share his great fortune with someone special.

When Cameron’s sister Jennie decides to suddenly elope he knows that he must ask his long time friend Alice to step in and fill in Jennie’s shoes.  The close contact with Alice has him seeing her in a different light.

The night comes and the business is presented, when the time comes for it to end, will the Prince be able to hold on to his Princess?

INVITATION TO THE BOSS’S BALL is why I call myself a devoted romance reader.  The magic and enchantment that this book radiates is priceless.  It delivers a fairy tale in which you will quickly get absorbed in all its splendor.  For those are seeking an escape from reality, with a modern day twist, this is definitely the book you want to add to your collection.

{Romance Junkies Book Review}

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dragonmoonThe Moon Series Book 9

Dragon Moon

Rebecca York


375 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10014-3657

Price:  $7.99, 425230988



Vandar is a one thousand year old creature who is the master of a group of three hundred slaves.  He wishes to broaden his territory to a world parallel to his own.  He has sent male spies into the unexpected world; each one failed in their mission and paid the price of death by his own hand.

Vandar decides the next spy he sends will be a beautiful seductive woman known as Kenna.  Her psychic abilities will greatly assist her on her long journey; for she will be able to lure the opposite sex into revealing their weakness.  This knowledge will be the downfall of the existence of mankind.

Kenna was abducted from her Breezewood home and delivered to her current hellish existence.  For months she has been Vandars prisoner, he controls her ever moment, for he is aware of every move she makes.  She fears that the only way she will be able to escape him is through death.

The day comes when Vandar summons her to his private chambers.  Fearing for her life, she quickly goes, terror engulfs her as she approaches her master.  He reveals that she was to be the chosen pawn to live in the unknown world.  Her mission is to be his eyes and carry back anything that she discovers; he warns her if she tries to betray him she will pay with her life.

For weeks Kenna trained to absorb the knowledge she would need in the new world.  The day came when she was to travel into the unknown; leaving behind the only world she had ever known.  As she makes her way to the other side she is thrust into a path of a violent storm.  A beacon of light catches her eyes as she makes her way toward what she hopes is a shelter.  A flash of lightening downs a tree and she finds her foot pinned.  While she is concentrating on freeing herself she encounters the eyes of a wolf.

The wolf seemed to sense her dilemma and quickly disappears. Shortly, a man appears and offers her assistance.  She learns that his name is Talon Marshall.  Through her psychic ability she is able to recognize that he is a man  with many secrets.  She knows it is crucial to her survival to find out what he is hiding.  For his secrets could help her master learn what it requires to destroy all of mankind.

Rebecca York delivers another riveting drama in her presentation of THE MOON SERIES, BOOK 9 – DRAGON MOON.  With each scene you will be presented with an intense dialogue that draws you into the magical realm of the paranormal world. Each action filled scene will keep your glued to your seat.  THE MOON SERIES, BOOK 9 – DRAGON MOON further emphasizes that Rebecca York reigns superior as a legendary author.

{Romance Junkies Book Review}

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detoxDetox Flow Yoga: A Guided Practice to Purify Body, Mind and Spirit
Seane Corn
Sounds True, Inc.
413 S. Arthur Avenue
Louisville, CO 80027
9781591797128 $24.95




Yoga is the essence of life…

The month of September is recognized as National Yoga month. For the entire month yogi’s unite together and celebrate their love of yoga. In this sacred month, I wanted to challenge myself to discover a new yogi practitioner, in doing so I felt it would lead me to a greater form of self discovery.

Of all the titles that were available I selected Sean Corn’s Detox Flow Yoga with the intent o not only experience someone new but to learn a new way to cleanse my body though the use of yoga. Detox Flow Yoga was just what the doctor ordered. It allowed me to discover hidden toxins my body was exposed to daily, some that were listed I never knew existed.

This audio program consists of three CDs. The first one builds a strong foundation of knowledge that educates the listener of these unknown toxins and the health benefits yoga can generate. It discusses in-depth how vulnerable our bodies are though the thoughts we have, to the food that we consume, to the amount of exercise we practice; all of these elements play an important key into our overall well being.

With the ground work laid from the first audio the second one introduces a sequence of yoga poses that consist of Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Vinyasa Flow allows your body to stay in constant motion as one pose gently blends into another. The second audio dedicates an entire track to our breath pattern. It is essential that proper breath techniques are learned for it provides the ultimate form of relaxation.

The last audio presents more challenging poses that consist of Sun Salutations. It also focuses on your core, twists, and back bending poses that is critical to your overall well being. At the end of this CD it offers a relaxation mediation followed by a closing prayer. In all there is a total of three hours and forty five minutes of cleaning detoxification.

The best massage could not even come close to providing the healing magic that I gained in Seane Corn’s Detox Flow Yoga. After I completed this audio I felt that my body had been reincarnated into a new being that was filled with positive energy. Very highly recommended.

{Midwest Book Review}

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ialwaysgetmywayI Always Always Get My Way
Thad Krasnesky, author
David Parkins, illustrator
Flashlight Press
814 North Franklin Street, Chicago, IL 60610 USA
9780979974649 $16.95




Emmy is only three, but what a mess she can be. She spilled juice on Dad’s pants but her mom came to her defense. Then when her brother made her trip and fall it was he who was blamed for it all. When she took her sisters glue to build like no one could, it was overlooked.

One afternoon she was feeling up to playing a Pirate Queen. She gathered up everyone’s lost loot and buried them by a tree. When her Dad caught her in the act she was unable to get out of all the condemning facts. As punishment he made her clean, didn’t he know that she was just three?

One Saturday morning she was a wake before any other; she made her own breakfast and left the kitchen in such a mess. When mother woke and seen what she had done she made her clean, she figured she was too sleepy to realize that she was three.

Emmy wanted to play with her brother’s pet lizard. She dressed him up in her dolls clothes, then decided to sail him in a boat, using her sister’s shoes she knew they would make a good vessel. When she turned her back, the lizard decided to flew, she wondered where he could be. With a scream from her mother she knew that he had been discovered. Rushing to her side, she seen everyone’s accusing eyes. It didn’t matter that she was three. For all eyes were focused on she; as punishment for all she did she was banished in her room, she feared she wouldn’t be out any time soon.

Thad Krasnesky is a master storyteller. Through the expert illustrations of David Parkins, I Always Always Get My Way is a sheer delight to read and experience. With its rhyming storyline, a cast of loveable characters, this book will quickly become one of your child’s all time favorites. Very highly recommended.

{Midwest Book Review}

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earthEarth (Full Spectrum Sound Healing)
Alex Theory
Sounds True, Inc.
413 S. Arthur Avenue, Louisville, CO 80027
0083513452 $17.98






 Many secrets of art and nature are thought by the unlearned to be magical.

-Francis Bacon

The universe opens up, the journey has begun. North, south, east, west the musical flow will show you the way to find peace, love, and a healing mind. At this magical journey when earth and magic meet you will discover all great there is.

Alex Theory’s Earth is the third installment in the “Full Spectrum Sound” Healing series. It consists of eight tracks that are entitled different directions (North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West, and Northwest). Like a compass each one will guide you to a deeper understanding of oneness.

Alex Theory is a brilliant composer. His music is able to penetrate deep within your body and soul. This audio will offer you the ultimate form of total relaxation as each track provides its own form of healing magic. Those who seek music from the nature grace of the Earth’s majesty should definitely experience the music contained on Alex Theory’s audio. Very highly recommended.

{Midwest Book Review}

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sunsignsandsoulmates4Sun Signs & Soul Mates: An Astrological Guide to Relationships
Linda George

Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.
2143 Wooddale Drive, Woodbury, MN 55125



Purchase:  http://www.llewellyn.com/product.php?ean=9780738715582


The stars are our inner source of knowledge …

Finding true and everlasting love is one of the greatest adventures life has to offer. It is the journey that will eventually lead you to find your true soul mate. Often the path to find love and understanding is filled with many obstacles.

To unlock the mysteries that surround you and your potential mate astrology is often consulted to reveal unknown facts that will help understand each other on a deeper more intimate level.

Linda George’s Sun Signs & Soul Mates: An Astrological Guide to Relationships explores each one of the twelve astrological signs. It shows the light and dark side of each sign by providing clear in-depth cosmic knowledge that can help you learn crucial traits about your mate.

For any type of relationship that you find yourself in this book will definitely improve yourself and those around you as it allows you to discover the inner most traits that makes each person a unique individual.

Linda George astrological knowledge reigns superior. In Sun Signs & Soul Mates: An Astrological Guide to Relationships you will find an invaluable wealth of knowledge in this one book. It is one that you will find yourself referring back to often as your life situations change. Very highly recommended.

{Midwest Book Review}

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Welcome to Suzie Housley’s blog.  The purpose of this blog is to list my completed book reviews.

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