blindcupidThe Blind Cupid (Blind Cupid Series Book 1) 

Karyn Gerrard

Decadent Publishing Company, LLC 

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At the young age of ten, Desmond Glover found himself an orphan and was cast out into the streets to fend for himself.  He was found by a man who introduced him to prostitution.  He forced him to sell his body in order to survive.

Years later, Desmond found a kinder mistress who owned The Blind Cupid.  She recognized that as handsome as Desmond’s was she could make a fortune off of  him servicing spinsters.  She took the upmost care in training him in the art of seduction.

Over the years, Desmond has learned to distance himself from what he does to earn money.  He sees each client as a faceless person that requires his sexual talents.  He blocks each one of them out of his memory after his work is completed.

When Anne Sommers learns her friend hired a paid escort to give her one night of pleasure she decides she also wants to experience being loved in someone’s arms, even if it requires her to pay him for his service.  She knows it is unlikely with her age she will ever find someone willing to accept her for the woman that she has grown into.

When Desmond arrives, he is puzzled at his instant feelings for Anne.  Never in his career has he allowed himself to have any emotions about his clients.  He can see that Anne is different than his usual clients.  When he allows himself to kiss Anne, he knows that he cannot live without her.

Alas, when the time comes that Desmond must leave will he be able to turn his back on the feelings he found with Anne?  Can he forget the tenderness and acceptance he found in her arms to return to a life when emotions are not allowed?

THE BLIND CUPID is an exceptional historical romance.  The characters fly off the page and find a place deep into your heart.  The emotions each one exhibit is superior.  THE BLIND CUPID is a wonderful series.  Each one of the books can be read out of order, but it helps to start with the first book to get the full impact of all the struggles that occurred that brought them to THE BLIND CUPID.

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lilylgLily in Chains (1Night Stand BDSM Series)

Kate Richards

Decadent Publishing Company, LLC 

Purchase: http://www.amazon.com/Lily-Chains-1Night-Stand-Richards-ebook/dp/B00SIH3SHE

Two years ago, Barry felt that he had found the perfect sub in Lily.  He was convinced she was the “one” that he offered to take their BDSM relationship to a new higher level.  Barry’s offer frightened Lily, when her mother became sick she ran away to care for her.

An unknown beneficiary seeks out Barry through a lawyer.  The unknown person wants to fund Barry to start a BDSM Carnivore Club in Las Vegas.  Barry knows that it is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and makes the decision to resign from his job in the police force and start a new life in Las Vegas.

Lily never forgot what she and Barry shared.  With the death of her mother, she uses her money to set up a 1Night Stand with Madame Eve.  She hopes the encounter with the nameless Dom will give her the courage she needs to return to Barry’s arms.

What Lily didn’t anticipate is that the Dom Madam Eve sets her up with is none other than Barry.  Will their reunion be one with explosive results?  Or will Barry reject her coming back into his life?

LILY IN CHAINS is an exceptional BDSM romance.  Through Kate Richards’s talented pen, she is able to provide one sizzling romance.  Fans of BDSM will not be able to resist Lily and Barry as their reunion singes the pages.

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temptinglgTempting the Pirate (Entangled Scandalous) (Love on the High Seas)

Tamara Hughes

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Historical Romance

Purchase:  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00R6DRZ6Q/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B00R6DRZ6Q&linkCode=as2&tag=romancejunk0b-20&linkId=GEDVIHE2TDLMTGUN

Charity Goswick refuses to be wed to a man she finds distasteful.  She decides to take her own future into own her hands and runs away.  She finds herself hidden away on a ship.  What she doesn’t realize is that the ship she planned her escape on is a pirate’s ship.

James Lamont’s brother is missing and he knows it is up to him to locate him.  His search leads him to a pirate’s ship.  He manages to gain employment on the vessel.  He hopes that he will be able to find out clues that will lead him to his  brother.  What he didn’t anticipate is finding a stowaway on board.  When he finds Charity, he knows he is her best bet for survival on board.

Together the two will travel the high seas.  Charity refuses to listen to James reason that she must stay hidden in his cabin.  She makes it a game to try and escape, each time her plans are hampered by James’s interference.

When danger threatens them both, will they both be strong enough to survive?  Can Charity find trust in James long enough to allow him to figure out the best plan needed to escape the harsh conditions of the sea?

TEMPTING THE PIRATE is a wonderful high seas adventure.  Tamara Hughes has done an outstanding job in her creation of this swashbuckling romance.  Her writing skill is the perfect addition to the historical gene romance category.  I look forward to seeing more of her work in future books to be published.

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goverThe Governess and the Beast (Blind Cupid Series Book 2)

Karyn Gerrard

Decadent Publishing Company, LLC

Historical Romance

Purchase:  http://www.amazon.com/Governess-Beast-Blind-Cupid-Series-ebook/dp/B00CR3YTQY

Hortense Jennings is hoping to build a new life for herself by accepting a governess position with Baron Simon Wolstenholme.  Her dark past is one that she hopes will never come to light again.

Baron Simon Wolstenholme is horribly scarred by a war injury.  He hides himself away in his home to avoid the stares to his ravaged face.  With his isolation, he finds that he misses the companionship he lost when he decided to distance himself from society.  He devises a plan to hire a governess.

When Hortense arrives at the manor, she is introduced to the Baron.  When he reveals his scars, she does not let them put her off for in his eyes she finds a man in search of someone to share his life with.  She is shocked when she learns he knows of her sultry past, for it was one of the things that intrigued him enough to hire her.

Hortense refuses to allow any man to have control of her life and future.  When Simon strikes a bargain to offer her a high sum of money, and excellent references in exchange for one night of passion she reluctantly agrees.

That night turns into one that she knows she will never forget.  For the beast’s gentle touch awakens feelings she never knew she possessed.   When day light comes will she be able to walk away from the first feelings of love she has ever encountered?

THE GOVERNESS AND THE BEAST is an exceptional historical romance.  The beauty of love and acceptance is so heartwarming throughout the pages.  Both of these beloved characters have experienced the worst that life has to offer, it is only fitting that they find the love and acceptance in each other arms.

Other Books in the BLIND CUPID SERIES include:

•       Book 1 The Blind Cupid

•       Book 3 The Copper and the Madam

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embattledEmbattled Christmas

J.M. Madden

Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Contemporary Romance

Purchase  http://www.amazon.com/Embattled-Christmas-Lost-Found-Novella-ebook/dp/B00QU3MMZM/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1419163939&sr=1-1&keywords=Embattled+christmas

It’s Christmas time, and the staff at the Lost and Found Investigation Service are struggling to find their holiday spirit.

John Palmer is confused at why suddenly his girlfriend Shannon is pulling away from him.  They have been together for the past year, but lately something is creating a wedge between them.  He fears  losing her, but is reluctant to move towards putting any type of permanence to their relationship.

When Chad agrees to be Santa he gets an unexpected Santa request from Mercy.  This year, she orders up a big present for Santa, to have Chad become her father.  Will he answer the little girls Christmas wish?

Zeke finds that he can’t live his life without Ember in it.  He is amazed each time he looks into her eyes and sees the love she radiates only for him.  She has always been able to look past his scars and show him that his injuries do not prevent her from loving him.  He is determined to make this Christmas one that she will always remember.

Duncan Wilde is proud of the men he employs at the Lost and Found Investigation Service.  Each one of them has grown to be his extended family.  With the holiday season upon them, he finds the group surprises him with an unexpected Christmas gift, one that is assured to put him in the right holiday mood.

EMBATTLED CHRISTMAS is the perfect holiday gift.  For those fans who find themselves in love with the characters from the Lost and Found Investigation Service there is no way you will be able to resist purchasing and reading this book.  This book is the perfect way to celebrate the holidays with such delightful characters you have grown to love.

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roadlgHis Road Home

Anna Richland

Carina Press

Contemporary Romance

Purchase:  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00KV5ZGPI/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B00KV5ZGPI&linkCode=as2&tag=romancejunk0b-20&linkId=SLZ2EPLYI65HJ6SQ

In Afghanistan, Special Forces Medic Reynaldo ‘Rey’ Cruz finds himself in an uncomfortable situation when an Afghan Warlord offers him his daughter as thanks for medical care he had provided.  He knows if he were to refuse the man, it could insult him enough to cause him to take out his anger on him.  He thinks quickly and tells him that he has a fiancée at home.  The man insists that he see a picture of the woman who has captured his heart.

With the help of the internet and a color printer, Rey goes in search of the perfect make believe “fiancée”.  When none of his Facebook friend’s pictures will do, he goes back to his high school days and remembers one shy girl, Grace Kim.  He manages to locate Grace’s picture at where she works.  With a bit of cut and pasting, he has the perfect engagement photo.

When Grace Kim receives a call from her family demanding to know why she hid an engagement she is puzzled at what they are referring to.  Then a call from her boss offering her  plane tickets to be with her fiancée further complicates things.  When Grace starts to piece the confusing facts together, she finds that a wounded solider had her picture with him when he was injured.  The story made media news and everyone is talking about how the brave young soldier deserves to have his fiancée by his side as he recovers.

Grace knows she has to make the trip to Walter Reed to hear why Rey fabricated the lie of their engagement.  When she enters into Walter Reed Hospital it brings into perspective those that had made the ultimate sacrifice to defend their country.  When she enters Rey’s room, she finds that half his bed is empty, for he has lost both of his legs.  In addition, he is suffering from a brain injury that has scrambled his speech.  Although he understands everything that is being said to him, he is unable to speak the words that are locked away in his mind.

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heartlg_4A Heart to Heal (Gordon Falls Book 4)

Allie Pleiter

Love Inspired

Contemporary Romance

Purchase:  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0373879032/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=0373879032&linkCode=as2&tag=romancejunk0b-20&linkId=TAYUTCQJL7UVN47Z

Max Jones lives his life as a Dare Devil.  From the flames on his vehicle that carry over to the wheels of his wheelchair he refuses to allow his paralysis to slow him down.   Since his accident almost a year ago he has embraced life and lived it to the fullest.

Guidance Counselor Heather Browning is concerned about one of her students.  She sees that Simon Williams is a bright young student with a wealth of potential ahead of him.  Unfortunately Simon’s parents refuse to allow him to find his own identity.  Because he has Cerebral Palsy and uses a wheelchair he is bullied from the older high school students.

Heather enlists the help of Gordon Falls only other wheelchair user, Max Jones.  She hopes that Max will be able to show Simon that even though he is disabled, there is an unlimited opportunities available to him.

A HEART TO HEAL is an outstanding romance!  Max’s can do in your face personality is a strong highlight of the book.  It determination to conquer the world with or without anyone is to be admired.  Heather provides the calming presence he needs to settle out his turbulent life.  Together they make one extraordinary couple.  Ms. Pleiter has done an exceptional job in describing the hardships faced by both Max and Simon, the small elements of details makes for a very realistic book.  I look forward to discovering more of her work in the future.

A HEART TO HEAL is a part of the Gordon Falls series; other titles include:

  • Falling for the Fireman (Gordon Falls Book 1)
  • The Fireman’s Homecoming (Gordon Falls Book 2)
  • The Firefighter’s Match (Gordon Falls Book 3)

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shockwavelgShockwave (Calendar Men – Mr. May)

D. L. Jackson

Decadent Publishing Company, LLC.

Contemporary Romance

Purchase:  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00JYJVKUM/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B00JYJVKUM&linkCode=as2&tag=romancejunk0b-20&linkId=CB62IDUK7SXQ7KCI

In the military, Tanner North learned to disarm bombs.  He blames himself for his last mission where a young mother lost her life.  He is haunted by that one day where he replayed it out in his head he questions himself if he made the right decision.

Lannie Sawyer was a War Reporter.  She was there the day that Tanner North had to make a difficult decision.  Through her camera, she captured the fiery explosion as Tanner ran with the young mother’s child.  Her news article turned Tanner in an instant overnight hero.

When Lannie finds herself in need of a lucrative career to help fund her grandmother’s nursing home stay, she seeks out Leo Russo.   The only way Leo will employ Lannie is if she convinces Tanner North to be a part of his Widows and Orphans calendar shoot he is planning.

Lannie knows that Tanner blames her for his unwanted fame.  How she is going to convince him to help her will test all of her skills of persuasion.  Will she succeed in even coming close enough to him to allow her the opportunity to make her plea?

SHOCKWAVE has all the elements that would make it an excellent romance.  Although I found myself struggling with how the book jumped from one scene to another.  I feel if the author had stayed in the present moment this would had been a much better story.  The action at the end of the book was its biggest saving grace. It was written with nail biting suspense that had me holding my breath.

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thankfullgThankful for You (Calendar Men – Mr. November)

Cindy Spencer Pape

Decadent Publishing Company

Contemporary Romance

Purchase:  http://www.romancejunkiesreviews.com/artman/publish/contemporary/Thankful-for-You.shtml

A grenade ended Sig Nicki’s military career, and returned him back to his Michigan hometown to rebuild his life.  When he is asked to be a part of a calendar to benefit the Widows and Orphans fund he agrees.  He never expected the reaction the town would have to his picture, overnight he has become the town’s local hero.

Elsie Jordan is the owner of the town’s pet shop.  Sig is a regular customer, who visits her shop each week.  With every visit he asks her out for dinner, and each time she refuses and reminds him that she doesn’t date.  Her rejection to his offer has nothing to do with the scars he received from his injury, instead it stems from a tragic past she has tried to put behind her.

When Sig’s fame lands him as the town’s Grand Marshall at the parade, he knows he doesn’t want to attend the event solo.  He makes a plea to Elsie to help him out of his dilemma.  She agrees to go with him as friends only, but as the night comes to a close will their friendship be taken to a higher level of attraction?

THANKFUL FOR YOU is an EXCEPTIONAL romance!  I was so impressed with Cindy Spencer Pape’s writing style.  Sig and Elsie are both wounded in their own way; together they find the healing bond each one of them needs to be whole.  The chemistry these two exhibited skyrockets romance to new heights.  THANKFUL FOR YOU is a part of the CALENDAR MEN series.  It can easily be read as a standalone novel.

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snowlg_2Snow Angels (Calendar Men – Mr. December)

Sabrina York

Decadent Publishing Company

Contemporary Romance

Purchase:  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00NF6LWZS/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B00NF6LWZS&linkCode=as2&tag=romancejunk0b-20&linkId=FIZ67F4C2F3T

Ever since Wade Masters had agreed to be photographed for a calendar to benefit the Widow and Orphans fund,  his life hasn’t been the same.  His photo made him an overnight success.  Now he finds himself stalked by women everywhere he goes.

He decides to get away from it all by spending a month long getaway in his sister’s cabin.  He hopes that by the time the month is over, and his Mr. December status is through, his life will get back to normal.  He never anticipated that a knock at his door would deliver Lyssa Salk.  Lyssa is unlike any woman he has ever met.  When she says that her car slid off the road, he knows by the threatening weather she will be his houseguest for however  long it takes for the snow to melt.

Unbeknownst to Wade and Lyssa, Wade’s sister put both of them at the cabin at the same time on purpose.  She hopes being snowed in together will allow the two to get a chance to find one another in getting to know each other.

When Wade learns that Lyssa is able to communicate with the dead, and has a message for him from his deceased fiancée, will Wade put enough faith in her skills to allow her to receive the message from the beyond?

SNOW ANGELS is an exceptional romance.  The paranormal elements that are entwined into the story line makes for one unique reading experience.  This is one book that allowed time to get away from me; once I started there was no way I could look up until I was completely finished.

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